Lance Carpenter Gaining Momentum as Traditional Country Music Takes Back The Airwaves

Ozark Arkansas knows how to produce winners and here is one of the latest. Lance Carpenter has the traditional country sound that so many country fans have been hoping would make it’s way back to the airwaves.

His voice is soothing and inviting and the sound is true country no doubt. Carpenter signed with Toby Keiths Show Dog Label based in Nashville TN and said it was like a dream come true.

His release in 2015 of “Love Me Like You Mean It” with co-writer Kelsea Ballerini has only solidified the country sound and flavor of the single. It is warm and welcoming and has a powerful emotion within it that country fans will love.

His release with duet partner Krystal Keith “Anyone Else” is a hit, no holds barred. The chemistry between the two artists is immeasurable and makes for a combination that places them in the company of great duets such as Conway and Loretta and George and Tammy. Keith and Carpenter included in that mix sounds natural.

Recalling memories from his childhood Carpenter says: “At the end of Bible camp one time they lined us up and asked us to sing our favorite song,. Everybody was going for stuff like ‘This Little Light of Mine’ or ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and I sang ‘All My Ex’s Live In Texas.’ That was definitely the only George Strait anyone sang that day.”

Carpenter is like a gently giant with a bright and inviting personality that people are attracted too. His performances are filled with energy and keep the fans revved up with excitement.

Lance Carpenter was noted as one of the Top Ten Country Music Artists to watch for 2018 by the Huffington Post. Looks like they made a good choice.

This latest single is just a glimpse into the depth of his creativity and makes him a heavy hitter on the country music scene. Carpenter said that the guitar was his “escape” from his previous full time job as FEMA rescue worker and “life.” He participated in over 42 various disaster situations including Hurricane Katrina. His music was an outlet for letting go and living free.

Carpenters past times include cooking and enjoying large family dinners. Holiday’s are very special to him. Music is huge part of his life but he is also grounded in solid family traditions. His roots run deep and those roots come to life in his music.

Lance enjoys the personal side of interacting with the fans and connecting on a deeper level aside from just standing on the stage performing in front of the crowd. It gives a tighter bond with the fans and allows them to feel the emotion and deep feels that Lance expresses in each song.

“My introduction to country music was my mom playing it in her car,” says Carpenter, who grew up on a cattle farm in Northwest Arkansas. “I never thought I would sing or play, but my stepdad has listened to the country countdown every Sunday for as long as I’ve known him. Country has just been a staple in my life.” ~Lance Carpenter~
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