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What would you do if everything around you turned into a story in your head? Well, write music of course! At least that’s what Jamie Burke does as she turns every life experience into a 4-minute catchy tune.


Originally from Austin, TX, Jamie moved to Nashville after graduating high school in Colorado at the age of 18 with dreams of making it big in the Music City by introducing her own style of music and songwriting. With over 1000 written songs for BMI, two successful CD releases, “This Ain’t My First Rodeo” in 2012 and “Texas Tornado” in 2014, various appearances on CMT’s hit show “Nashville” as well as various other appearances on CMT, ABC and NBC, Jamie seems to be well on her way to claiming success, identifying herself as a pop/rock artist with country roots.


The daughter of radio and music industry legend Joel Burke, Jamie grew up surrounded by music industry insiders. Learning everything from soundboard operation to lighting techniques, Jamie absorbed every aspect of the industry as she interacted with artist, roadies and fans.


Having learned to play the piano and violin at an early age, Jamie eventually took to the guitar as she began to write songs and find her own unique sound and voice. Musically influenced by artist ranging from Loretta Lynn, to Cyndi Lauper to Michael Jackson and even Brittany Spears, Jamie gravitates towards artists that are not only timeless in their musical contributions but those that have adapted to the changes in the industry and remained true to their musical selves.


No longer having misguided illusions about the “millions dollar deal” or having her name up in lights dream she may have had when she moved to Nashville, Jamie says “It’s a humbling experience when you realize it really doesn’t matter. The far more valuable deal is knowing you’ve used God’s gift of music to make a difference in people’s lives. I just want to write music that matters and play shows that make people happy. For those few minutes or that hour that people are with you while you’re on stage performing, you’re taking them on a journey, away from whatever they are dealing with. You don’t know their story, they could lost a loved one or been laid off that day. They could have found out they have cancer or just celebrating a friends birthday- but you are the one making them laugh, sing and dance. That, for me, is far more valuable than a deal.”


Jamie is currently preparing to release her third CD, another self-written collection of songs including the 2018 video released “Drive,” an autobiographical account of her musical journey to Nashville. The currently untitled CD will be a tribute to Nashville as she enters her 10th year in the musical town.


In addition to her singing, songwriting and producing, Jamie launched her own fashion line in 2018. 40east is a tee and accessory line reflecting her Texas and Colorado upbringing as well as her Nashville experiences. Deriving its name from her long drive across I-40 to Nashville, Jamie donates part of the proceeds from every sale to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Having been born with a liver tumor, Jamie says,” Helping sick children is very important to me. Every month, I make a private donation online from proceeds and profits from my sales.” She hopes her fashion line will one day grow into a full woman’s clothing line featuring gowns, dresses and more.


Jamie is currently promoting the new music video for her single “Drive” which is now available on YouTube.





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