The Sweet Sound of Savings: Tech Gear Leader @MONOPRICE Showcases NEW Pro Audio Series at Summer @NAMM SHOW JULY 17-19, 2014

monoprice_headerMonoprice Expands Its Line of High-Quality and Affordable Pro Audio Products with New 10-inch Powered Studio Subwoofer, “Foothill Flat Top” Acoustic/Electric Guitar with EQ, Guitar Effects Pedals,  Electronic Drum Kit, Eb Alto Saxophone, 4/4 Flamed Maple Violin and 8-Way DMX Distributor

In continuing to hit all the right notes with price conscious musicians, singers, producers and DJs, tech gear direct sales leader Monoprice is showcasing its expanded line of Pro Audio Series products at the Summer NAMM Show (Booth #354 in Exhibit Hall A2) at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee on July 17-19, 2014.

Monoprice ( ) is an e-commerce company that specializes in delivering high-quality gear and accessories for AV, home theater, pro audio and other tech needs at bargain prices from a selection of more than 6,500 branded and non-branded products offered on its website.

Monoprice’s return to Summer NAMM will again feature a booth with functioning demonstrations of everything music lovers and professionals could possibly want, from new guitar models to expanded stage lighting and rigging equipment at prices 50 to 70 percent below competitors’ comparable brand products, enabling visitors to try out the company’s latest high-quality, affordable pro audio gear.

“We at Monoprice are excited to be showing many new kinds of products for our ever-growing and enthusiastic customer base,” said Jess Macintyre, Monoprice’s product manager for Pro Audio. “Monoprice continues to redefine music industry expectations by bringing the same high-quality pro audio products directly to consumers without the price markup typically seen in retail music stores. The quality and benefits of our pro audio line becomes clearly evident when experienced musicians, performers and producers are given an opportunity to try our stuff out in our booth.”

At the Summer NAMM Show, Monoprice is showing several new pro audio products such as studio equipment, guitars, percussion, band & orchestra gear, as well as stage lighting equipment.

Studio Equipment

Monoprice expands its studio offerings with a new 10-inch powered studio subwoofer ($219.99, Product ID #605999) that will complement its existing monitor line. In addition, Monoprice will showcase:

  • A new 300-Watt (150w RMS x 2) Studio Power Amplifier ($115.99, Product ID #605030) for use with passive monitoring systems
  • A new 10 Channel Mixer with USB ($69.99, Product ID # 615810)
  • 48-Point TRS Patchbay ($59.99, Product ID #615040)


For those musicians who want to rock out with high-quality instruments without spending a fortune, Monoprice offers classic electric guitars with amplifiers and a new line of guitar effects pedals to boot.


In addition to its already impressive guitar line, Monoprice is now offering its “Foothill Flat Top” Acoustic/Electric Guitar with EQ in two new finishes: classic black ($129.99, Product ID #610051) and cherry burst ($132.99Product ID #610052). Whichever style you select, you can expect great sound and great savings.


Monoprice also is expanding its guitar amplifier line to include:


  • A new 20-Watt 1×8 combo amplifier ($55.99, Product ID #611720)
  • A new 5-Watt 1×8 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier with Celestion Speaker ($124.99, Product ID # 611705)
  • A new 15-Watt 1×12 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier with Celestion Speaker and Spring Reverb ($226.99, Product ID # 611815)


Monoprice is also pleased to be debuting a new line of full-sized guitar effects pedals, as well as show their expanded line of mini effects pedals. These new pedals offer classic tones at a remarkable price point of $36.99 each, and are available in a variety of distortion and classic modulation effects.


Monoprice’s new pedal lineup includes the following tones:


  • Overdrive (Product ID # 611614)
  • Distortion (Product ID # 611613)
  • Blues Overdrive (Product ID # 611611)
  • EQ Booster (Product ID #611612)
  • Chorus (Product ID # 611610)


Monoprice is also expanding its line of mini effects pedals.  These smaller sized pedals allow for the guitarist to fit more effects on their pedalboard.  Monoprice’s mini pedal line includes:


  • Flanger (Product ID # 611604)
  • Delay (Product ID #611603)
  • Compressor (Product ID #611605)
  • DI Mini (Product ID # 611606)


In addition to these new effects pedals, Monoprice will showcase its new Programmable 4-Loop Pedal Switcher ($94.99, Product ID # 611680). This product allows for musicians to have four fully independent effects loops and combine these effects in whatever way they wish.



Monoprice also has expanded its product selection in the percussion category, now offering:

  • A new Electronic Drum Kit ($328.99, Product ID #608550)
  • New auxiliary percussion items, including:
    • Handheld Cow Bell – 4 1/2-inch – Black ($9.99, Product ID #608400)
    • Handheld Cow Bell – 7 1/2-inch – Black ($11.99, Product ID #608401)
    • Tunable Maple Tambourine – 8-Inch ($13.25, Product ID #608410)
    • Tunable Maple Tambourine – 10-Inch ($14.25, Product ID #608411)
  • New cymbal selections, including:
    • 20″ Ride Cymbal ($104.99, Product ID #608602)
    • 14″ Hi-Hat Cymbals ($85.99 per pair, Product ID #608641)
    • 16″ Crash/Ride Cymbal ($41.99, Product ID #608661)

Band & Orchestra Line

Taking its symphony of high-quality affordability to a whole new level, Monoprice will proudly showcase the following new additions to its band and orchestral lines:

  • An Eb Alto Saxophone ($239.99, Product ID #609410)
  • Bb Trumpet ($144.99, Product ID #609510)
  • A 4/4 Flamed Maple Violin ($118.99, Product ID #609610), full-sized and featuring a stunning flamed maple body and accessories

Stage Lighting

Monoprice first introduced its stage lighting line at last year’s Summer NAMM. By adding some great new stage lighting to its already affordable line, from standard utilities to classic lighting effects to exciting lighting designs, Monoprice will help its customers save even more. These high-quality additions include:

  • Super-Bright, 12-watt x 7 LED, PAR StageLight (RGBAW) ($139.99, Product ID #612745)
  • Flat PAR BlackLight with 144 LEDs (UV) ($85.99, Product ID #612710)
  • Blacklight UV LED Light Bar ($114.99, Product ID #612610)
  • An 8-Way DMX Distributor ($115.99, Product ID #612160)
  • 10-inch Mirror Ball ($9.99, Product ID #612260) and Motor for Mirror Ball with LED Lights ($6.99, Product ID #612269)
  • 4-Conductor DMX Lighting Bulk Cable (For 5-Pin DMX) – 300FT ($99.00, Product ID #601680)
  • 2-Conductor DMX Lighting & AES/EBU Bulk Cable (For 3-Pin DMX) – 500FT ($89.00, Product ID #601660)
  • 10-inch Mirror Ball ($9.99, Product ID #612260) and Motor for Mirror Ball with LED Lights ($6.99, Product ID #612269)


Monoprice encourages all attendees of SummerNAMM 2014 to visit the company’s exhibition booth # 354 in the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee to experience the company’s exciting new pro audio products in person.


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