Letter From The Editor: November 2010

Randy and Kymberly Matthews

Another month has already come and gone, and the holidays are quickly approaching. We started our month out by making it to the R.O.P.E.’s, held October 7th, 2010. The entertainment for the evening was the great Moe Bandy. I also had the honor of meeting two ladies that are legends in country music. Originally from Oklahoma, the Opry Star herself, Jean Shepard as well as Jan Howard, she has worked so hard to keep country music country.  I appreciate the invitation from Marty Martel to attend such an epic event.

Speaking of Marty, he recently wrote an article on Blake Shelton titled, “Opinion-Another Minus For Blake Shelton”. It was posted on our site and you could say it received a bit of attention; nearly 3,000 hits within 12 hours from Blake’s fans. We received over 600 post on the site and posted as many as we could. Marty answered nearly every one that commented. Marty didn’t ask for anyone to agree or disagree he just gave his opinion. It was tweeted and re-tweeted for several days by hundreds of fans. You can view the article and all the post via the website: www.nashvillemusicguide.com.  Marty is hard at work on another story and wants answers; answers that the stars and the public deserve to know. Of course we cannot print all of his work, but you can find all on the website, which is updated daily.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the website, as a fan of the guide or an advertiser you will be really impressed with the hard work and the many hundred hours my nephew, Joe Matthews, has put into it. There are all kinds of new sections including, news, exclusives, Music Row, opinion, Legends & Veterans, upcoming events, music venues, videos, reviews, past stories, past editions and our new logo. Our new logo is the work of artist to the stars, Corey Frizzell, who will also be doing some writing for the Guide.

After the R.O.P.E.’s, I had a flight back to Oklahoma, but like my nephew says, “There is only so much time you can squeeze into a 24 hour day.” I didn’t get everything done, as usual. Sitting in my driveway, fresh from the paint shop, tint shop, carpet shop, and from Midas for a tune-up is the 1985 Keith Whitey Corvette. I was just sitting on the porch looking at its beauty – only 65,000 miles – and thinking this thing hasn’t left Davidson County in 16 years, and maybe never been outside of Tennessee. I was sitting there thinking about how much work I had put into this car. The dome light didn’t work, so I fixed it. Cruise control, which is a must, didn’t work and the taillight was out, so I fixed those too. During all my time tinkering with the car I listened – well more like rocked out ­– to the Whitley CD, which had been left in the car. I thought to myself, I have put a lot of work into it but there is only one other way to figure out if anything else is wrong with the car, drive it. So that’s what I did, I cancelled my flight, called the local DMV only to find out that I needed to give my next born child to get the five year, out of date tags current. I said, “To hell with it.”  I packed up my suitcase, cranked up the tunes and headed west. Seven hundred and ninety miles later I was in Dover, Okla., with the car still intact. No problems on the way and I can’t wait for the drive back.

This month, I would also like to draw some attention to one of the Guide’s greatest supporters, Julie Ingram. I would like to say thank you to her for all her support. Julie has a new single out that is worth spinning. Give her a listen on her website, purchase a CD or request it on the radio. Also, to “keep up with the Jones’s” we have been peddling Phil Sweetland from place to place, doing interviews and lining him up with unsigned artist to work on bios. We keep Phil busy and always on short notice. Phil we like to thank you for that!

Also a big Thank You to our readers and advertisers you are the ones that really count. Also, I almost forgot to mention that we have relocated effective November first, due to our expansions to the Guide, we needed space for filmed interviews and a room for writing appointments for our out-of-state and out-of-country artists. Our new office is at 1700 Hayes, Suite 103 – it is only 2 blocks from our old location, so stop by and check it out!


Randy & Kymberly Matthews