Liquid Compass Deploys Unique Media Player Experience for Focus on the Family

Liquid Compass, a premier online radio streaming platform, announced today the release of a custom player designed for Focus on the Family’s “Adventure in Odyssey” series. The player has been deployed just in time for the 2012 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention in Nashville, TN. The global Christian ministry Focus on the Family recently chose Liquid Compass for their superior streaming delivery network and media player development capabilities.
The new player includes unique features such as full visual customization and flash animation. It also delivers third-party storefront integration to allow listeners to buy broadcasts or full albums quickly and securely directly through the player. Furthermore, the player has custom content integration
that includes episode and album information, album artwork and other relevant information.
According to Arbitron, since 1998 the average quarter-hour listening for religious-formatted stations has grown by 35 percent, and this unique player should only serve to increase that number.
“Liquid Compass was responsive to our unique needs and they have provided a terrific player that showcases our content,” said Bob Wood, CIO at Focus on the Family. “This is a valuable tool that will help us to creatively, and conveniently stream our content and reach our audience in the most efficient manner.”
Coming off a strong 2011, Liquid Compass remains poised to continue rolling out new products, for both terrestrial and Internet radio broadcasters with diverse audiences. In addition to their involvement at the NRB Convention, Liquid Compass will also have a presence at the NAB Fly-in event and the Country Radio Seminar.
Liquid Compass has built strong relationships with many religious broadcasters throughout the years, including Salem Communications, WDAC-The Voice, and Crawford Broadcasting.
“Liquid Compass has been our streaming service provider for many years,” said Cris Alexander, director of engineering, Crawford Broadcasting. “We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with their team of professionals and have been provided the very highest level of support. One thing that sets Liquid Compass apart is that they know broadcast radio, not just their own corner of the industry, and understanding how our business works has made them more responsive and a better partner.”
“Focus on the Family challenged our design and development team to think outside the box to create a unique media player experience that appealed to their specific listening demographic,” said Zackary Lewis, CEO and founder of Liquid Compass.  “Recognizing both the reach and the significance of Focus on the Family’s audience, and also the larger religious broadcasting community as a whole, Liquid Compass is dedicated to becoming not only a premiere provider of streaming media solutions for religious broadcasters around the world, but also a valued partner.
About Liquid Compass
Liquid Compass is a premier streaming delivery network headquartered in Denver. In addition to a wide array of stream hosting services for desktop and mobile applications, Liquid Compass is also the leading developer of customizable media players and radio streaming applications. Currently, Liquid Compass provides streaming media services to over 1,000 radio stations in markets throughout the U.S., including: Cromwell Radio, Bonneville, Hubbard Radio, Crawford Broadcasting, Sandusky Broadcasting, Saga Communications, Salem Communications and more. More information about Liquid Compass is available at

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