Editor's Notes: November 2010

Well, it goes to show that hard work, paying your dues, working your butt off and talent finally gets you somewhere. BLAKE SHELTON was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, October 23, 2010. Congratulations BLAKE!!  Blake –not sure if you read our magazine – we know your fans read our tweets, if you know what I mean! By the way readers, you can follow us on Twitter at NMG Nashville, NashMusicGuide, Doverrigs and Songwriteguy.

Mel Mc Daniel is still hard at work; he’s kicking off his “Silver Anniversary” release and tour season as a 25-year Opry member. Craig Moritz our Canadian friend from our July cover was back in Nashville last month finishing up his new album. It is set to release in early 2011; read more about Craig in this issue and on our website.  Joe and I got a cut on his new album called “No Fun Haters Allowed” We were also able to help him find a few of his other songs as well. His hard work and dedication will pay off, good thing is he may come from a different soil, but the boy is appreciative and brings real country sound. One good thing about the Nashville Music Guide is how we support artists ranging from new, known, unknown, legends, writers and more.

Kid Rock is on a new path trying to avoid lawsuits by keeping drama and baggage out of his life.  Some idiots out there are dressing up like him causing him issues and he is not taking very kindly to it. We have meet Kid Rock and even partied with him, he is not the guy that the tabloids make him out to be; he is really a cool guy. We can no longer print our good friend and supporter “Sandy Kane’s” other stage name anymore. We received a letter from a lawyer stating if we did we would be liable for a lawsuit. So we had to change her ad, she has put out a new CD that is hilarious she sings her own way. If you haven’t heard of her, you should definitely Google her. She has had her own comedy show for years, opened for a number of stars and not afraid to tell you her thoughts. Her lawsuit involves a guy we won’t mention, but you can hear about it on several XM channels and has been aired on one of the major morning shows.

Toby Keith is no longer a Democrat; he is now a registered Independent and supports Mike Huckabee for President. I personally considered the Tea Party but holding back for the Bourbon Party since the first ain’t strong enough. I think it’s about time a bunch of Red Necks hold a month long Beer Camp and head to D.C. and clean that house.

There are two people whom I think get more pretty every day, Reba and Loretta Lynn. Who wouldn’t agree to that? Loretta is celebrating 50 years in country music. Congratulations to Loretta and her family. All the Lynn’s work hard, Patsy is Loretta’s manager with a sharp pen and her sister, Peggy, is right there beside her on the road. If you make it to the ranch, once you eat the great food at Loretta’s Kitchen and visit with the friendly help, you can travel north to her daughter, Betty Sue’s, flea market and catch Loretta Lynn Jr. behind the counter, go a little farther and you can see Sissy at her convenience store working, sweeping, stocking shelves or kicking rocks out front. Go to the farm and you can see Ernie on a horse or hauling hay. I guess the rest of the tabloids that print trash about the family never get off the interstate!


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  1. I agree with everything you said about Loretta Lynn and her family. They are all fine, hard working folks just like Loretta.
    The CMA Tribute to Loretta Lynn was befitting the “Queen of Coiuntry Music.”
    I simply love the new tribute Cd out now on Loretta. So many great artists singing her classic country songs.
    The love the Nashville Music Guide and appreciate all the coverage you give the legendary Loretta Lynn.

    Rick Cornett
    Toledo, Ohio

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