EdTang & The Chops True Blue Americana

EdTang Cover
EdTang Cover

Hailing from Asbury, New Jersey this eclectic blend of Americana rock, folk music will bring you in to the story of each song and you’ll become a character in what could actually be an old memory. EdTang & The Chops express true, clean, wholesome music with a feel of what America used to be.

Half way through the album you’ll see small towns, community picnics, picture shows on the lawn of the park, with vendors selling popcorn and cotton candy. Classic Americana music with a heartfelt feel that will place this group on the music billboard charts very soon.

Wow, noticeably talented beyond words this group can tell a story and express the real movements of real life. I couldn’t stop listening to it. The hope is that it will awaken the world to knowing that we live for the moment and the moment is now.

Classic Americana with an aggressive folk feel these guys will have you out of your chair and dancing round the fire. There’s no way that you would be able to sit in your seat once hear EdTang & The Chops. You’ll want to dance all night.

If you listen closely to the words of “Willy Loman” you’ll be pulled into the vision of hopes and dreams of a young man searching to find himself in a world of illusions.

Ed Tang & The Chops are truly a group to watch for 2014 and this new self titled album is due for release on May 16th of this year. The group has been nominated for the Asbury Music Awards Top Americana Act and I truly believe these guys deserve it. They are absolutely amazing.

EdTang was quoted as saying: “So many people in this world neglect their true calling. Some are too busy, others are too scared. Some have trouble even recognizing it in the first place. I believe I found mine in music, and I’m finally giving it an honest shot.” (from ETM.com)

EdTang & The Chops
EdTang & The Chops

The group has performed at River Fest, Red Bank NJ, they have also appeared at the Light of Day Festival, Asbury Park NJ, and at the New Heights Festival, Seaside NJ…..need we say more. These guys are the real deal and more. It has been noted that at many of the bands appearance the crowd has been thrown in to debauchery and madness with drunken stupors and gaiety.

This may be so but I have a feeling that when the music of this ecstatic group hits the national radio airways the crowds will take back America and the wholesome love for life will be running rampant.

For more information on this amazing band please visit any of the following and also enjoy the phenomenal video at the link below:


Music video links: http://www.edtangmusic.com/#!video/cfpj

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