James Chance and the True Groove All-Stars

James Chance and the True Groove All-Stars
James Chance and the True Groove All-Stars

James Chance is one of a kind. He’s raw and spirited and has a style all his own. Recently James signed with True Grove Records and is set to release his version of a cover of James Brown’s song “I Don’t Want Nobody” in collaboration with the Tomas Doncker Band.

A product of the early 1970’s Chance has been creative and expressive in the No Wave movement, a combination of improvisational jazz and punk music in New York’s 70’s craze. James played with several bands through out the 70’s such as James Chance and the Contortions, James Chance and the Blacks, The Flaming Demonics, and in 1976 an instrumental quartet featuring bass, drums, and violin, called Flaming Youth.

His bold and brazen style of music would set the pace for what has become a 21 album career from 1979 to 2012 in a  whirlwind of world wide travels. 2014 is welcoming his next endeavor. Take a listen to James and you’ll see he’s still going strong and his music is still wild and raw.

One of the true soul performers from an era of great diversity James Chance has toured world wide sharing his gifted talents on the sax and expressing his love of the style of  music he helped make famous.

Vintage and ripe with soul and groove James has recently released the cover song “I Don’t Want Nobody” by James Brown. A controversial song in itself about the political movement in the late 60’s and early 70’s regarding affirmative action. Chance is keeping the free voice alive with his interpretation of this all time favorite. It is said that Chance holds the all time record for having the greatest collection of James Brown records ever owned.

True Groove
True Groove

If your a blues lover, a funk and new age rock lover you’ll be impressed with James Chance. James has earned his strips in the industry and has helped to pave the way for many younger artist’s who might not have ventured in to the is area of music if it hadn’t been for James and his adventurous spirit.

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