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Eric Frisch courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Eric Frisch courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

The  sound is an exotic blend of Indie Pop and groovin melodies of the fifties and sixties pop era. His style is unique in itself and yet lends an air of familiar tones ranging from James Taylor to the Mama’s and the Papa’s.

Eric Frisch, native of New York and a Pop Star in his own right has just released his new album “Goodbye Birdcage”, an album that blends a harmonious mix of Peter, Paul & Mary, Jefferson Airplane, and The Byrds, but yet it is a collection that fits together like a glove.

This album is an expression of leaving home and taking flight into a new life, spreading your wings and exploring life as a adult and seeing what the big adventure called life brings to you.

His music will give you a delicious taste of Neil Diamond, Ricky Nelson, The Turtles, and The Lovin Spoonful. What a huge collection of your favorites all rolled into one handsome and extremely talented young man. And the exciting thing about having all your favorites rolled into one is that he delivers it in his own sui generis way. Bravo.

I love the horns and the percussion movement and the feel of taking a trip back in time to the beaches of the sixties while the Beach Boys are setting up for a show. Eric leaves nothing out and pulls every thing in while expressing fresh, evergreen essence of the best pop sound in years.

Take a moment to catch up with his music and enjoy his video “Pretty Girls”, directed by Steven Tonti. The video is a song about a young man searching for the courage to take the next step in his independence. He has his life all worked out but he just can’t seem to find the confidence to walk up to a pretty girl and say “Hi”. Then with the help of his best friends, everything falls right into place.

“Goodbye Birdcage” was released this past April 2014 and you can visit to find out more information on how and where to purchase it. Eric performs vocals on the album and plays piano, guitar, bass, and percussion’s.

Eric Frisch courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Eric Frisch courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Born in his hometown of Toronto and raised in New York, Eric began playing piano as a youngster and always enjoyed composing his own songs and music. He gives great credit to his parents for encouraging him to grasp his talent and helped him out by introducing him to some of the music that highly influenced the path he would take in his own.

Learning how to spread your wings and fly is what this album is all about. It’s about getting out of the cramped cage your living in and spreading your wings to discover new and exciting things around you and to see where life will take you.

For more information on where to get your copy of this self-produced full length album and to learn more about this gifted young man you can visit the following sites.

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