A “New” Classic Rock; Plastic Yellow Band Is Electric

Plastic Yellow Band courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Plastic Yellow Band courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

In a era where machines can create award winning albums this band will tell you right up front they are the real deal. They make their music the old fashion way, with real guitars, real drums, real piano and not that fabricated synthesized material that was produced from a machine and not a human being.

Plastic Yellow Band, founded by Gerald Jennings, was born from the fluid, rolling psychedelic rock imprints and rhythms of classic rock, to give birth to what we now call “New Classic Rock” and with great pleasure I have the opportunity to introduce them to you now.

The album “Breathe Air” is magnanimous. The band members hail from South Carolina but with the depth and breadth of the music in their blood they may as well be natives of every city they perform in.

“Breathe Air” is dynamic and yields an eclectic shot of Cold Play and Pink Floyd. You’ll find a great mix in the album and your sure to find not only one favorite but several. With a slow infusion of grooving rock and a hot taste of 60’s swagger, shaken with a twist of today’s progressive rock, there is something for everyone.

Jennings found inspiration from Yoko Ono and John Lennon and his talent for the soothing rhythm of acoustic guitar gave him a place next to legends like Neil Young, Jimmy Buffet, and Steve Earl. He took this magical blend and embraced his flip side with the psychedelic prescription of Pink Floyd and a rocking mixture of Porcupine Tree.

Gerald Jennings courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Gerald Jennings courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Even though Gerry has such a huge diversity of inspiration for this album the main pulse of inspiration came from his respect and admiration for the gift of John Lennon.

You’ll not find anything synthetic about Gerry Jennings and “Breathe Air”, it’s all pure talent from the finger tips of a new legend, a “new classic rock favorite” that will be in every true music lovers collection.

For more information on Gerald Jennings and The Plastic Yellow Band you can visit Online at: http://www.plasticyellowband.com/

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