Eric Lee Beddingfield’s New Single “I Just Want To Play” now on ITunes

ELB courtesy of Eric Lee Beddingfield
ELB courtesy of Eric Lee Beddingfield

Close friend to all who know him and outstanding country music entertainer Eric Lee Beddingfield has just released his newest single, “ I Just Want To Play” and I have to say it’s a winner.

Long time country music performer, devoted father and husband, Eric is no stranger to the music industry. As a child Eric was introduced to the magic of country music by his Dad who was also a talented musician, and who educated Eric on the sounds of Waylon, Merle, Cash, and of course his favorite, George Jones.

He’s professional career spans back to 2007 when he released his first album on a Miami based label called Double Diamond. In 2008 he was in the spot light on the watch list for having three top 40 hits and being the most played independent artist on secondary radio.
When Double Diamond Records closed their doors Eric began working with Kent Wells, who has produced songs and also worked with Dolly Parton, Keith Whitley, and Hank Williams Jr.; In 2010 Eric released a new album called “ This Life Ain’t For Everybody” with Rebel Dawg Records. Filled with the raw and in your face truth of life this album solidified Eric Beddingfield and his career in country music.

Eric Lee Beddingfield courtesy of ELB
Eric Lee Beddingfield courtesy of ELB
The first single from that album “The Gospel According To Jones” propelled Beddingfield straight in to his own “living” dream. The song was of course written with his long time idol George Jones in mind, hence the title, and George Jones, being one of Eric’s childhood idols would later go on to not only sing on the album but appear in the video with Eric. Little did they know at the time the impact the song and the video would have on the fans. For the next several years the song would be played at the opening of George’s shows. What an honor for Eric this must have been.
Through out the next few years Eric managed to continuously move up the charts and prove he is well worthy the title he received in 2012, as Music Row Independent Artist of the Year.
2014 has brought both the good and the bad. The loss of two of his dearest friends, Wayne Mills and Chuck Jones, put a lot of dark days ahead of him, but in honorable remembrance of his friends Eric keeps the music alive, for them and his fans.
A man with a heart as big as he is tall Eric Beddingfield is the real deal. He’s honest and humble but he’s also real and true to his love for the music industry and his fans. When you go to one of his show’s you become part of the show and you’ll feel as if you’ve known him your entire life. Before you go any further take a quick break and check out this clip and a taste of who Eric Lee Beddingfield really is.
Just recently released this past April, is his new single, “I Just Want To Play” and in keeping with the man of country music as we know him, it’s real, true country. An amazing song that I know all the fans will love.
Eric Beddingfield debut at the Opry courtesy of ELB
Eric Beddingfield debut at the Opry courtesy of ELB

The song is now available on Itunes and the hope is to have it released to radio in June. In the past it has always been secondary radio where his music has been released but this time ELB is shooting for the big dogs. So keep your ears tuned in for the in demand new single, “I Just Want to Play.”

Eric will also be appearing again this year at various Nascar events. You can check out the websites listed below for further information on where and when those will be and if you live in the Nashville area you can catch Eric and some of his close friends playing well known venues like 12th and Porter and 3rd and Linsley.
As all independent artists know the road is a lot more stressful and tougher when your doing things “your way” and keeping things real the way “you” want them to be. But Eric Beddingfield is living proof that if you stick to your roots, stick to your values, and do it the way you believe it should be done, by staying true to yourself, in the long run… makes it all worth the bumps in the road.
For more information on ELB and the newest release “ I Just Want To Play” visit the following links:
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