Keith Alan Mitchell “This Clumsy World” release date set for June, 2014

Keith Alan Mitchell courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
“This Clumsy World” courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“This Clumsy World” is sure to be part of any true music lovers favorite collection. It will be the one that’s played so often you’ll have to buy another copy within the year. Yep, that’s just how good it is.

Keith Alan Mitchell is energetic and vibrant while his rock style groove empresses the listener, you’ll also find there’s almost a hint of blues with the deep country roots of an Americana feel.

Alternative Country/Americana Folk at it’s best. Keith’s songs express real life experiences and tell the story of what we face each day through the open eye without blinders. Inspired by artists like Tom Petty, and David Gray, Keith keeps you on your toes with the roller coaster of eclectic tunes that make this album one to watch over the next year. I predict several songs from this album to hit the top 40 and if they don’t then we have the wrong people critiquing our music.

Keith is from the San Francisco Bay area of the beautiful state of California. “This Clumsy World” talks to us about life in general and how we have to dig deep and face reality. Cool guitar rifts and piano will get you moving and grooving with this awesome sound. This album was self produced by Keith and mastered by Brian Lucey who has worked on albums with The Black Keys.

“Tavern Angeline” has a slight Jimmy Buffett feel with  sandals and spicy drinks on the side. I could see the bar maid serving drinks as the band plays on the outdoor terrace next to the beach. Cool breathe of fresh air on this one. Excellent presentation.

Keith Alan Mitchell courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Keith Alan Mitchell courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“The Feud” has almost a Kenny Wayne Sheppard feel. Love the guitar rifts, the percussion blend. Country rock/blues with a twist of alternative rock. I also enjoyed the hard piano, deep and riveting bright near the end. This is my Favorite #2.

The song that brings in the most diverse range to me is “Next Time” and it is my Favorite #1, it has the feel of country artist Keith Urban. It show’s the extreme and excellent range that Keith Alan Mitchell has with mixing the style, the sound, and the feel of the various songs. Excellent range for the various tastes in music.

This album is a must for those who love the variety in music and in artists. Keith Alan Mitchell has it all right here in this new album set to be released on June 20th of this year.

Don’t miss out on having an amazing addition to your favorite music collection. I knew all the words by the end of the album. You will too.

For more information on this outstanding young man and his music, as well as where you can purchase and share please visit the following links:

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