Get High Helping Others On 4-20!

April 20 has a variety of meanings with lots of different celebrations planned.  I was very happy to see a blog post from  Tim Sanders about him  seizing the day as a national day of volunteer service and charity for others to achieve “Helper’s High.” They have a goal of getting this post ( forwarded, retweeted and shared around the world.

If you Google ‘420’ or ‘4-20’ you’ll what everyone is planning on celebrating tomorrow.

In the spirit of Carpe Diem, I’m claiming 4-20 as a national day of giving, observing and sharing of emotions.  Much like Dicken’s Scrooge, anyone can lift their spirits dramatically by giving, helping, volunteering or directly donating to those in need.  Researches have a name for the medicinal power of giving: Helper’s High. ~ Tim Sanders

Please read the post ( and share via Facebook or Twitter to help get the word out.
For Tim, it’s a very big day as he is conducting a media tour to support new book,  Today We Are Rich.  One of the key points of the book is that you can give your way out of burnout.  In principle four, Give To Be Rich, he echo’s Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s obsersvation: Generosity  is a Wonder Drug.


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