The Chitter of the NEW Country Music Chat on Twitter #CMchat


Two weeks ago we started the first and only registered  LIVE Country Music Chat #CMchat on Twitter!

Hosted by Professional Social Media Chat Hostess Dabney Porte, Blogger/Chat Enthusiast Tobey Deys and then there’s me; Jessica Northey. I must also give special thanks to #Blogchat’s Mack Collier, for all his support!

Last week the topic “I made a Record/CD…Now What?” with President of Nine North Records Larry Pareigis, Country Music Artists Jessica Ridley and Craig Moritz reached more than 300,000 people and almost 2 million impressions!

Each week we will have different topics from, getting an album played on radio to Social Media strategy and of course getting the inside scoop from Country Music Musicians, Radio Personalities, Radio and Label Executives and Fans alike! This community in an open-forum and you are always invited to come chitter on twitter with Country Music’s best!

Monday June 30th we will have Country Music Social Media Sensation CJaye LeRose discussing how she was able to garner more than than 2 million views on YouTube , thousands of subscribers, Facebook Fans, Twitter followers and the attention of just about everybody in Nashville! If you are not familiar with her yet, get used to seeing her name around and watching this star rise!

The online Twitter chat goes live  every Monday at 6pm PST/9pm EST. The official hosted #CMchat runs for one hour. Many people post valuable information all week long! So be sure to follow the hashtag stream, and check often :)

Are you unsure how to attend the LIVE Country Music Chat #CMchat?

For More Information on how to participate in #CMchat check out the Facebook Page:

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