Hangout Music Fest 2022 Ultimate Food Guide

Hangout Music Fest returns to Gulf Shores, AL this coming weekend, May 20-22. A music festival is obviously about the music, but it is also a festival which usually means there are other experiences to be had during your time there. Yes, Hangout is on the beach – that is enough said for most – but did you know that it also has a roller disco, private beach/ocean access, a spa, ferris wheel, a wedding chapel, infamous art installations as well as good eats! And we have the ultimate food guide of what to expect for cuisine-wise for this year’s festival.

These are some of our must taste our just classic festival staples highlighted below but you can see the full list of food vendors here.

Asian Sensation

Asian Sensation I feel like has been around since the dawn of music festivals. I am not even kidding – they are a staple and it is because there food is not only delicious but it is major bang for your buck when it comes to portion sizes. We promise we won’t be returning to Nashville without having a Teryaki bowl… and it also a must to have it with a spring roll or two. They will be joining the cuisine lineup this year at Hangout (as well as Bonnaroo, Electric Forest and a slew of other festivals across the country). You can find the full festival tour season locations on their website;

Frios Gourmet Pops

So while we have not had these popsicles yet, this brick and mortar – turned food truck aka “The Sweet Ride” for festivalling, special events and more boasts some of the best pops around including flavors like Key Lime Pie and Blueberry Cheesecake. Be sure to look for these “happiness hustlers” in their tie-dye ride at Hangout. We took a peak at their menu and they even have allergen-conscious options like nut free and dairy free. With as hot as it’s going to be – these pops look like a great way to cool down.

Bleus Burger

Bleus Burger is known to have the best burgers and comfort food in Gulf Shores – like they actually won a Baldwin 2022 Award for their Burgers!

They are another staple that is usually at Hangout and are a big hit with local festival goers and those from afar as well. Pictured left you can see some of their patrons enjoying their staples during Hangout Fest 2018.

What we think is really cool about this place outside of the tastiness is that each burger bun comes with their customized logo on it, I mean what awesome branding and marketing to go with all that yumminess.

We just hope they bring back the inflatable photo opp fries they had back in 2018 as well – they were the life of the party.

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