Hee Haw Celebrates 50 Years As We Talk with Four of the Original Cast Lulu Roman, Misty Rowe, Jana Jae, and Buck Trent

RFD-TV To Celebrate Hee Haw’s 50th Anniversary With Kornfield Friends During 2-Hour Special on Thursday, January 31st 10pm ET / 9pm CT

Kornfield Friends also set to appear and perform on TBN’s HUCKABEE February 2nd & 3rd.

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of one of televisions most notable family entertainment shows. Hee Haw was launched in 1969 and went into syndication in 1971. It appears in re-runs on RFD-TV and is still a favorite for families around the world. It featured some the music industries best and brightest along with the best knee slapping comedy this side of the “corn field.”

Hee Haw centered around rural culture and country Music. The show was hosted by Buck Owens and Roy Clark and featured the biggest and brightest talent in the entertainment industry. Families would gather around their television sets to enjoy huge belly laughs and great music. Musical guests included artists such as Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, and Tammy Wynette.

We spoke with four of the original cast members about the legacy of the show and they shared some of their fondest memories as well.

Lulu Roman was a hoot with her character at Lulu’s Diner. She always made sure the customers got exactly what they asked for. Not only is LuLu one of the funniest comedians in the industry, she has recorded 8 albums, she received several major awards, was inducted in to the Country Music Gospel Hall of Fame in 1999, and induction in the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2008. Some of Lulu’s fondest memories from the show were when all the ladies would get together and take Minnie out to lunch and hear her tell all her wonderful stories about life and her career, and the time that she was doing a skit with Archie Campbell and accidentally hit him and his topee stood straight up on his head. She shared a deep heartfelt memory of Roy Clark and how every time she would see him he would pucker up his lips and blow her a big kiss and then give her a wink. She said he did every time.

Misty Rowe made her first appearance around 1972. She was one of the Hee Haw Honey’s and had her sketchof Misty’s Bedtime Stories that she would always end with a giggle and a wink. Rowe is also an accomplished actress, writer and producer. She currently has a new play in progress called “Forget Me Not” about her mother and her battle with Alzheimer’s. Some of her fondest memories were the time she accidentally hit Archie Campbell and his topee fell off , hit his lit cigar and caught fire, or the many times that Lulu played her mom with the Hee Haw Honey’s. I also found out that Misty is the only person I know who has her own traveling corn field. It travels to all the Kornfield Friends show’s and was made by Faye Sloan.

Jana Jae and her sapphire blue fiddle lit up the stage as part of the Buck Owens Buckaroos. She is an accomplished country and bluegrass fiddler. She performs internationally both with her own band and with an orchestra. She has been playing since she was about 2 ½ years old and graduated from the Vienna Academy of Music, Magna Cum Laude. She fondly recalled her dearest memories of the show and of her friend Roy Clark. She said Roy was the musicians musician and that he was a great mentor to her. He always encouraged her to expand her work and deeply appreciated her gifts and talent.

Buck Trent was just 10 years old when he first appeared on the radio, he was later a member of Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys, and Porter Wagoners Wagon Masters and appeared on the Roy Clark show. The banjo master himself, recalled memories of meeting some of his idols, the day he met Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Buck shared of how Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were appearing on the show and he was waiting just off stage after their performance. As they were leaving the stage he went to introduce himself but before he could get just a few words out of his mouth Roy told him he knew exactly who he was and that they were also big fans of his music. How wonderful to know that at such a young age he had already made a huge impression on others in the industry. Bucks fondest memories of Roy was when they met the time they both were performing in Kansas City. Roy was on stage and his guitar was on fire as he drove the fans crazy with his performance. Buck said he recalled going up to Porter and saying “Porter there’s a little fat boy up on stage killing people out there.” They performed in Russia together and he said to him Roy was one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

All four original members agree the legacy and story behind Hee Haw is that it’s a family. Lulu expressed how there were never arguments or rifts, that everyone was very close. They all wanted the show to be a family show. It was about being together. Misty said it was like having a second family. Everyone had such an amazing sense of humor. The ladies even gave her a bridal shower right there in the middle of the cornfield and she opened a gift on each break. Jana Jae believes the legacy is about family, feelings, and togetherness. Buck said he felt they all had a strong chemistry and fit together as one.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary we would like to pay tribute and honors to late great Roy Clark who passed away in 2018. His style of music was one of the many things that set him apart. His personality was like none other and his career spanned over 70 years. He received numerous awards during his career including a Grammy for Best Country Instrumental Performance.

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