Kornfield Friends With Hee Haw Greats Coming To A City Near You; Jana Jae, Buck Trent, Lulu Roman and Misty Rowe

From 1969 to 1997 people around the world were able to enjoy some of the most amazing talents in the country music industry. It wasn’t just music either, it was a comedy, acting, and down to earth family fun.

Hee Haw ran for almost 26 seasons and 655 episodes. The show continues to air on RFD-TV in reruns. Four super talented stars from those wonderful days that so many of us grew up with, are featured here today and introducing a new project called Kornfield Friends.

Kornfield Friends Road Show is currently touring through the mid-west and areas of the country like the South East. The idea of the show was a tribute to Hee Haw and the family that the show created.

Jana Jae who’s famous for her sapphire blue fiddle shared with us how the project got started and the exciting news of her co-hosts. Jae who has been performing most of her life is known to some as The First Lady of Country Fiddle. I would have to agree with that. She was introduced to the classical study of the violin at the young age of two and with guidance and instruction from her grandfather also learned to play by ear. She won the Ladies National Championship several times, she has taught music, and when she and her magical blue fiddle blazed across the country music scene she became a star.

As a member of the famous Buck Owens band the “Buckaroos” she entertained millions on the Hew Haw show. Jana said that at first, she hesitated to play the blue electric fiddle but afterward realized it was a good thing she did. Now Jana and several of her closest and dearest friends will again entertain audiences with skits, songs, and family fun that they once saw on the original show.

Along with Jana, fans will see the lovely Misty Rowe, Lulu Roman, and the handsome banjo picker and talented artist Buck Trent.

Misty Rowe was part of the Hee Haw show for 19 years and was famous for her “bedtime stories’ where she would share a nursery rhyme, rewritten in her own special bedtime story way. Each one would end with a wink, a giggle and usually a humorous laugh at the end, followed with a “moral of the story.” She was also known for the spin-off “Hee Haw Honeys.”

LuLu Roman will be part of the “fab four” and is well known for “LuLu’s Truck Stop” where greasy food and bad customer service served up many hilarious moments. She also has an amazing singing voice as well as her talent as a seasoned comedian. She is a Country Gospel artist who has recorded several albums and was inducted into the Country Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Lulu will reprise some of her famous skits for audiences on the roadshow tour.

The legendary Buck Trent hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to setting a banjo on fire. Not only did he appear on Hee Haw but he was also a member of Bill Monroe’s “Bluegrass Boys” and Porter Wagoner’s “Wagon Masters.” Buck will be making some super great music with his “picking and grinning” for fans, and I’m sure will also join in on some true blue family fun comedy.

The Kornfield Friends will be searching around the country for special guest artists to appear and don’t be surprised if you happen to see the beautiful “Miss Goodbody” as another Hee Haw favorite Gunilla Hutton may make a special appearance.

At the end of each show, fans will have an opportunity to sit and talk with the performers in a Q&A session.

You can catch a show with all the friends from Kornfield Korners in a town near you. The show is touring throughout the United States. To find out where just visit the links below for show times and locations and how you can purchase your tickets. No missing out on an amazing family fun time with the superstars of Kornfield Friends.

Check out the information below on the upcoming show in Oklahoma on October 13th at the Freeland Center For The Performing Arts.

Freeland Center For The Performing Arts

2 Weatherwood Way
Bristow, OK 74010


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