Houston-based New Age Artist “Versal” With His Debut Self Titled Album

If you love instrumental music, orchestral compositions, and easy listening then you’ll love Versal.

Javier Velez is “Versal”….an amazing instrumentalist and composer who has a deep connection to music in a most profound way.

His music has been described as New Age, Electronic, and Contemporary Instrumental. He has been likened to artists such as Yanni, Dave Arkenstone, and David Lance.

He learned to read and write by the age of three and moved very quickly in entering college at the age of 16. At the young age of two, his parents noticed his natural gift in arts with his musical abilities. They found that he could hum in perfect key and tempo even before he could speak.

By the time Versal reached the age of 17, he had already mastered a wide arrangement of instruments. The organ, piano, guitar, trombone, trumpet, and others that totaled 8 altogether. His mastery of theses instruments instilled in him great insight toward limitless possibilities in the music world. By the age of 19, he had become the arranger and conductor of one of the most stunning Handbell Choirs, in San Juan, his native home. He has also garnered multiple television and live appearances throughout his career.

The song “Eternal” is mesmerizing and the piano is inviting along with the essence of choral harmonies. I could close my eyes and place myself in the middle of Venice with my love floating down the canal and holding hands. It’s like love, in time, each note, perfect. Perfect. The string instruments are perfectly woven into the fabric of the song. The piano almost sounds like a harp. This is impeccable artistry. Superb.

“Carousel” is fresh and gently rolling. The intro is bright and full. I love the choice of brass and wind instruments had a depth to the mix of synthesizer effects. This is movie quality at it’s best.

“All Together” is rich and I loved the texture of the composition with the French horns, the Hobo and the flute. The entire feel of the song was as if you are riding in a sleigh and the horses are in a soft gallop. I could visualize the movement and actually create the picture clearly with the passion in this selection.

Versal is a master composer and it would seem it is a natural gift from birth. He has studied harmony, composition, counterpoint, and orchestration under the tutelage of Professor James McCoy, Ph.D., he has worked on several films and various documentaries in the capacities as colorist, editor, director of photography, composer, and director.

This immense exposure has granted him a deeper understanding of the arts and concepts needed to produce masterpieces of musical quality. His life long dream is now unfolding and his plans to compose and produce an album from his own original themes, and ideas, since he was six years old, is now coming to life.

“This is my first release, and a dream long overdue for me. I have spent a lifetime involved in music, always in collaboration with others, which gave me little time to do this until now. I hope everyone enjoys this music as much as I enjoyed creating it. May all beings be happy!” ~Versal~

For more information on Versal and how you can purchase this beautiful collection please check out the links below. All media links and photos are courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

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