Bitters Kiss Introduces the Film Soundtrack “The Divorce Party”

When an artist feels free and unbound by cords and tangles this is what you receive. The essence of freedom in lyrical grace and harmony. Bitters Kiss is Chloe Grace Baker and she demonstrates just how diverse she can be in genre and style and how her musical influences are conveyed in her development as a writer and performer.

Written from what moves her inside and what touches her to the core is what you’ll find in the soundtrack of this hilarious yet touching new movie.

The movie stars Claire Holt, Gerald McCullough, James DuMont, Katrina Bowden and many more. I’m sure you can gather from the title it’s about a divorce. Thought that may sound depressing Chloe Baker fills this movie with some amazing music that will ignite your soul.

Her talents and vocals have no limits or boundaries and she evokes some of the most amazing soul within each and every lyric. Her gift is endless and genuinely honest.

Sometimes we have to open our soul to truth, it’s finding the courage to face it that we may lack. Chloe Grace Baker has the courage and faces it with beauty and grace in her soundtrack release on the movie, The Divorce Party.

Not only does this new soundtrack express her growth as an artist it expresses the fact that she’s not afraid to bare her all with her writing and that thinking out of the box is a must when it comes to her music.

The songs on this collection share meaning and emotions about what divorce is really about. The ups and downs, the anger, the hurt, the confusion, and the ability to finally know we have to move on. Let’s face’s about love and loss.

“No One Will” begins with a soft and gentle guitar held warmly with a peaceful drumbeat. Baker deeply expresses her emotions and tenderness with heartfelt lyrics. The song is melancholy but Chloe gives it depth. It also blends a little fun and comical sentiment, done with a tasteful touch.

“Love Won’t Make You Cry” displays her gifted talent and how she understands the topic of the song. She may just be displaying some of her most powerful vocal performances to date in this song. The song has exceptional chord progression and builds you up throughout.

Baker has a gift for seizing the passion in a human heart and allowing the listener to take the journey with her through the melody and lyrics.

This soundtrack is a hit making winner that takes the listener on roller coaster of emotions and deeply moving feelings of heartbreak and healing. Baker has unleashed a super explosive message in her latest work and Bitter’s Kiss just moved up the list to one of the top five artists to watch for 2019.

The music on this collection was recorded over a three year period in Sweden and throughout the U.S., it shares a sensational mix of styles and balance and without a doubt captures the expression of depth of the human spirit.

Baker is and indie pop artist who’s life has always been filled with music. Her musical influences were greatly touched by her father, who’s musical talents were defiantly passed down to Chloe. Baker has almost 500,000 followers on Facebook alone. Truly this must tell you something about her talent as young up and coming artist.

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