Italian Artist Andrea Remondini Releases “Non Sequitur”

Andrea Remondini courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Andrea Remondini courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Classical music and instrumental compositions have always been some of my all time favorites. I believe this young man can be placed among the greats.

His inspiring gifts wrap you warmly in the melodies and take you on magical journeys through the mystical lyrics of life.

If you wanted to put him in a category or a genre you might say he is “progressive instrumental synth pop.” I say he’s amazing.

Inspired by gifted artists such as Mike Oldfield and Jean-Michel Jarre, Andrea expresses sincere passion and excellence within his music. It will take you away from the physical world and into a mystical world of dreams.

His creative mind brings sounds from deep within the human mind to reality in just a brush of the piano keys. His work reminds me of a collage of talented artists from America such as Scott Davis, Yanni, John Tesh, and Floyd Cramer.

Andrea Remondini courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Andrea Remondini courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

His artistic ability has no limit. Andrea is naturally born a gifted pianist. If you love music you’ll know when you listen to hits music. It sings to the soul and beyond.

Remondini has had several selections of work that he has either co-authored or performed on, place on the charts in the UK and Italy. On the Italian sales charts songs such as “Ocean Whispers” (with DJ Mauro Picotto) hit #3, the single “Dedicated” with DJ Mario Piu hit #4 and in 1998 “Greece 2000” hit at #12 on the UK singles charts.

Also in 2000 on the UK charts “I Feel Love” hit #15 and in 2002 Andrea co-authored and performed on “Home Again”, co-written by Jimmy Somerville and Mauro Picotto, which later become the title track on Somervilles new album.

Andrea Remondini is an extremely gifted young man who’s love for the simplistic melody of life is expressed with great depth of soul and infinity. His music will be in not thousands, but millions of musical collections around the world very soon.

Andrea Remondini courtesy of IMP
Andrea Remondini courtesy of IMP

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