Juliette Jules; She Really Is The Girl Next Door

Juliette Jules courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Juliette Jules courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Close your eyes and envision whispers of Alanis Moresset and a slight breath of Nora Jones. There in the middle you’ll find Juliette Jules. This is passion.

At first I immediately thought of a young woman in her mid twenties or early thirties but when I realized this young woman was only a teenager I was blown away even more. What an amazing way to celebrate a sixteenth birthday by releasing your first EP. I would say that’s a great way to celebrate.

The natural talent is pure, honest, and real. An eclectic blend of contemporary underground folk, this album is the start of many more to come. Juliette Jules is just beginning her journey in the music industry and it appears it will be a long one.

Paris France shares with us the amazing talent of this young lady. Her passion for the love of music is freely expressed here in her debut album “Black Crow.”

“Hallelujah” is magical and calling, “Johnny Walks” is riveting and classic. She bought her first guitar at the age of 13, her music covers topics far beyond her young sixteen years including building friendships, love, family, and loss.

Juliette Jules courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Juliette Jules courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

In a world where so many teenagers are trying to find themselves this young lady seems to have found herself and much more. The freedom to express her growing up emotions and feelings in a way that will hopefully inspire of teenagers and young adults to step back and look at theirs.

Currently Juliette is writing and recording in Paris with Peter Karroll, her manager and co-writer and producer. As she moves toward creating her own style of music, her own unique sound of music she hopes to do so while expressing it the way she wants to without commercial interference. If one day a recording deal should emerge that would be great but for now she’s in love with doing it “her way.”

It will be quite exciting to see where Juliette takes us this next year and where her music will lead her. For more information on Juliette Jules please visit the following sites.

Juliette Jules Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Juliette Jules Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions


Official: www.JulietteJules.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliettejulesmusic


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