Jared Deck introduces “ 17 Miles”

Jared Deck courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Jared Deck courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Jared Deck courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Americana, a country music genre in itself has become one of the music industries most popular genre’s in the last decade. What is now classified as Americana Country, Country Rock and Roll, might also described Jared Deck and his new single “17 Miles”….

He’s got that spark of John Mellencamp, that fire and raw expression of Dwight Yoakam, and a brand of true Americana through and through.

Loved the intro to “17 Miles” it’s full and exciting, energetic and toe tapping. This collection will express to you the grace and strength of mans circumstance. It invokes the essence of Americana and country music history.

His song gives the listener the opportunity to use their imagination and implant themselves into the song with meaning and enjoyment. You can actually envision the story coming to life.

An Oklahoma man, Jared Deck has a relaxed and melodious way of bringing a person into the music and the lyrics give you a visual as to the real story from beginning to end.

Released on June 2nd and now available for purchase “17 Miles” is sure to be a hit. From the first note to the last you’ll be jumping and jiving.

Jared Deck courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Jared Deck courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

The instrumentation is outstanding. I loved the keys/organ sounds, and the blazing guitar rifts. It’s the high energy from beginning to end that carries you along with the song. Artists performing on this new single are:

Jared Deck – vocal, acoustic guitar, tambourine
Brandon Cink – electric guitar
Fred Hanradt – bass
Travis McKinzie – drums
Jacy Deck – piano
Chris Wiser – organ

Jared has graced the stage of some of the countries hottest night spots in the US; such as Sun Studios in Memphis, the Oriental Theatre in Denver, The Blue Door in Oklahoma City and Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa. He has performed at OKCFest, Norman Music Fest, Access Film Music Fest at Sundance, and the Tulsa Mayfest.

Jared’s goal has always been to exceed the bounds of set genres and take his music coast to coast where dreams are born to reality.

“The pen is disruptive and inspiring,” “The introspection rattles me at times, reflecting moments and things about myself I might rather forget. But it’s the disruption that inspires me to face myself, to become the man I’d rather be writing about.” ~ Jared Deck ~

For more information on Jared Deck and his new EP “17 Miles” you can visit the following sites:

Websites: jareddeckmusic.com
Twitter: @jareddeckmusic
Instagram: @jareddeckmusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/jareddeckmusic

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