Lael Summer Sharing Her Amazing Voice With the World

Lael Summer courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Lael Summer courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Lael Summer will be the name you’ll share with all your friends this “hot summer” in 2014. Sharing her newly released album “Burden to Bear” that features her own originals as well as her cover of “Do What You Want, Be What You Are” by Hall and Oats, Lael is moving up the ranks of the music industry by leaps and bounds.

Her soulful yet sultry pop sound is an expression of how she feels about her music as well as how she feels about the struggles in life and how to overcome the bad and search for the good. This New York City native has been singing from an early age and at the impressionable age of 14 opened for Jon Anderson at the famous B.B. Kings.

Lael is one of the members of the infamous True Groove All Stars with the Thomas Doncker Band and signed to New York’s True Groove Records. From the first time listen you’ll enjoy the easy sounds of seductive guitar rifts entwined with soulful brass and percussion’s. “Too Much” touching on topics about feelings of insecurity and anxiety and how to overcome the obstacles those feelings present. Lael expresses feelings from the heart that are her own feelings and not just something written on a piece of paper, she’s lived it.

After enjoying the love of participating in after school musical theater groups and taking voice lessons Lael decided it was time to use her gift as more than just a hobby or something to do in her spare time. She got serious about her career. Fear of rejection and constantly second guessing herself were sometimes a constant for Lael, but she knew that when she found her quiet place, found her sanctuary, that she could be fulfilled and express her passion fully and completely.

Lael Summer courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Lael Summer courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

That’s what you’ll find here in her new album “Burden To Bear”, soul, truth, and a deep love for music.

Aside from her music she is an avid yoga enthusiast and uses yoga to calm the chaos of her mind and use those newly implanted positive thoughts to express her music in her own unique way. She has been practicing Yoga for almost 11years and would love to one day teach.

Even though Lael is young she has an old soul and expresses it regally in her music. Her songs are taken from real life experiences and she knows the battles of what a lot of young girls go through such as eating disorders and depression. Her hopes are that her music will inspire them to never give up.

Her music has been described as soulful with a little rhythm and blues mixed in and a twist of funk with some Motown. Take a listen and decide for yourself. For more information on this amazing young artist please visit Lael Summer at:

Twitter: @laelsummer

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