Tomas Doncker, Blues Man Extraordinaire Releases Cover of “What’s So Funny Bout Peace, Love and Understanding”

Tomas Doncker courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Tomas Doncker courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Tomas Doncker courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Blues man, soul man, all around groove man, Tomas Doncker and his True Groove All Star Band have done it again. Their talent is far reaching and their Global Soul agenda will be one you’ll not want to miss.

New York shares with us a great talent and Tomas shares with us his love of music. Along with Tomas you’ll find Marla Mase, raw and raspy, with an aggressive mix of soul, funk, and rock n roll. Her music is an expression of what’s current in the world. Hunger, war, homelessness, and about women taking back their lives.

Partnered with Tomas and Marla you’ll enjoy Lael Summer. Young, fresh and out of the box with her sultry pop sound. James Chance, alternative jazz punk fusion icon from the 60’s. His saxophone has burned up many a song on stage and Joe Bowie of Defunkt. Joe Bowie is infamous for his punk-funk-jazz and has performed with legends such as James Brown, Talking Heads, and Isaac Hayes.

Tomas Doncker knows the soul of blues and jazz and his “All Star Line Up” is truly an all star rave review.

The newest release from Tomas and the True Groove All Stars is a cover of Nick Lowe’s “What’s So Funny Bout Peace, Love and Understanding”…This is a testament to the current statement of how our political world is affecting our daily lives. Looking at the protests in Ferguson, the attacks on innocent lives from ISIS, and all the events in between.

Stream the track here:

Tomas Doncker recently signed an exclusive distribution and licensing deal that will be a global effort with The Orchard, an independent music, film and video marketing, sales, and distribution company, who’s parent company is Sony Music Entertainment.

True Groove courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
True Groove courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

This is a major move in the flow of opportunities for Tomas and the True Groove All Stars.

You can also find more information of Tomas and the gang at:

Find True Groove at:

This Global Soul Movement is to bring a greater awareness to Donckers “global soul” movement and the collective collaboration of the unity between him and the other members in creating a spiritually uplifting awareness for good through out the world. What an amazing way to use the God given talents that are so unique individually and yet so unique when combined.

Tomas Doncker and The True Groove All Stars. You’ll be a fan for life.

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