Marla Mase Raw and Real; On a Mission to Enlighten Humanity

Marla Mase courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Marla Mase

First impressions don’t always give you the whole story. Marla Mase may come across on first impression as wild, rogue, and uncontrolled, but she is actually a very gifted and talented artist with a special message for the world. She is a singer/songwriter, actor/performer, and activist and was awarded an honorary ‘Messenger of Peace” award by Friends of the UN
for her work as a visionary artist/songwriter.

Her song “Give Me a Piece of Peace” is bold, brazen, and bursting with aggressive energy. That energy is asking the world to stand up and give a “piece” of yourself for “Peace” back to the world.

Her style is gritty and out there. She reminds me a young Joan Jett meeting a Pat Bentar and Sheryl Crow with a twist of Melissa Auf der Maur, an amazing alternative rock queen, all rolled in to one. It is an eclectic blend that works well.

Describing her music can be tough. She’s not mainstream, she’s out there, wild and untamed but she brings a big message with the lyrics of her songs. The quality of her work speaks for itself. She is an advocate and an activist for many organizations that promote a better understanding of women’s right, mental illness and peace around the world. Her songs inspire us to look at the world and how to bring to light the fight for peace, freedom, and teach us about life in general.

Her music is raw and even at times, aggressive, but it’s truth. Her music speaks the truth about humanity.

Marla’s latest EP ‘Half Life” is totally out there and on it’s on. She has been able to express the desires to know one’s self and spread that awareness to the world. This album is a combination of rock, blues, a little jazz and even a taste of savage, tribal grace. Either way you’ll love it and you’ll be amazed at her range.

Marla Mase & The Tomas Doncker Band
Marla Mase & The Tomas Doncker Band

As part of The Tomas Doncker Band, Marla has free range to express herself. With the funky sounds of “Things That Scare Me” and the bluesy soul of “Drown in Blue” you’ll then be ready for the rythimic jazz of “Hold Fast Your Dreams”………..Not too bad Marla, actually it’s magical.

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