Micro Mania Tour – Midget Wrestling w/music performances by Duke Henry and Robert Bacon | The Troubadour Theater

MicroMania Midget Wrestling is a high-powered and explosive athletic pro wrestling show with just the right touch of comedy thrown in to make for an unforgettably “big” event, not necessarily for big people. The shows typically consist of a 90-minute action-packed event featuring 2 MicroMania singles matches and a main event battle royal featuring all the stars of MicroMania battling it out for what some say is an unforgettable finale.

These 5-foot and under micro athletes will be hitting Music City on Wednesday, May 15th, at The Troubadour Nashville (across from Opryland). They may be short in stature but are giants in the world of entertainment from the opening bell through the main event. The main event will include a special battle between “Mini Kid Rock” and “Mini 50 Cent”! Tickets range from $25 to $50 Ringside Seats and are available at Outhouse Tickets or by calling 502-352-2400.

Micro Mania started in 2016, featuring women’s wrestling and average-height people alongside the little people, but it soon became exclusively little people.

“You just have to be of open mind,” says Billy Blade, Micro Mania Tour host and former wrestler. “The ‘midget’ word, we get a lot of controversy with that because it’s sensitive. The wrestlers aren’t offended by the word, but others have called the sport exploitative.”

MicroMania stars have been featured in Jack Black’s Hit Movie Nacho Libre, on MTVSpike TVConan O’BrienJerry SpringerWWETikTokNASCARTMZJackass 3DMini Kiss, as well as many other TV shows and movies.

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