Monster Trucks, Rat Rods and Southern Rock – The Wild World of Jay Jones

He’s rocked stages all the way from Tennessee to Louisiana and beyond. Jay Jones was born and raised in Memphis, where music was very much a part of his life from early on. He was always performing in church and participating in school musicals. “I’d get up and sing anywhere they’d let me,” says Jones. 

He went on to manage night clubs in the 90s, where he booked artists like Gary Allan, Rhett Akins, Trace Adkins and Jimi Jamison.  “I’ve witnessed some amazing live performances with these artists who came through the venues. And I learned a lot about the industry while booking the talent.” 

Eventually Jones was recruited to be lead singer for a local cover band, where he was able to zero in on working the stage. “I  appreciated the immediate feedback you got from audiences during shows. If they’re having fun, you’ll know it.” 

After seven years of performing with the band, Jones went into the studio with Grammy nominated producer Justin Rimer to record his own material. In 2018 he released his first album “Country Boy Proud” His unique sound is something he calls “Head Bangin’ Country”, a combination of Country and Rock 

In 2022 Jones was nominated for Southern Rock Group of the Year and Southern Rock Vocalist of the Year by the Josie Music Awards. The event takes place this October at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville. 

In the meantime, Jones will continue performing live all over the country. He just recently teamed up with manger Chris Gabel of Deep South Entertainment out of Louisiana. “I’m excited about the partnership,” says Jones. Chris has a really clear vision for the next steps that need to be taken, as we continue to get the music out there tnaso the public. We’re gonna be booking at ride parks really soon. Hopefully we’ll see you.”  

You can also look for the video debut release of “Full Throttle” in June through Center Stage Magazine.

Mr. Jay Jones talked with us recently to give us some insight into his wild world of music, cars and trucks.

Jay, how long have you been performing? 

I started performing in the church (musicals, cantatas,etc) growing up. I’ve been performing in a band for about 10-11 years

How would you describe your genre of music? 

Head Bangin’ Country! Basically, a modern-day Southern Rock

Who have been your biggest musical influences throughout the years? Why these particular artists? 

It’s hard to name just one or two. One would definitely be Stryper because growing up in the church, I wasn’t allowed to listen to rock… but they were Christian Rock. I have mad respect for Lemmy & Motörhead. Of course, I love some Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr. and Obviously Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

You put on quite a live show. What artists have been your biggest influences, as far as the way they put on a show? 

KISS puts on a helluva show! Motley Crue is high energy, Alice Cooper has amazing theatrics. But I also have to credit my love for the wrestling business and the theatrics and showmanship in that industry.

What is your greatest strength as a musician and as a performer?

I try my best to go out and put on a show that leaves people wanting more… I try to make every show better than the last.

Walk us through your song writing process…

I honestly don’t have a “process”. If an idea pops in my head I try to write it down or record on my phone so I don’t forget it. I do think it’s important to set aside time for writing as well.

Tell us about the songs that you have out currently. 

I think these are all pretty relatable, there’s blue-collar worker, some beer drinking, broken relationships and the loss of a close friend. Things that everybody goes through in life. 

Tell us about this upcoming song and video, to be released at the end of this month? 

The video for “Country Boy Proud” was pretty cool. This upcoming video, for “Full Throttle”, is gonna be Awesome!  Motorcycles, Monster Trucks, Fireworks and a 30-foot-tall Bonfire!!!  

What does success in the music industry look like for you? 

Success is different for everyone. I’m really not sure how it looks because I think, for me, I’m constantly resetting the bar for success. I set a goal, then when I achieve it… I set another goal, so I’m really not sure. I never thought I would be doing some of the things in this Industry that I am doing so, in a way I’m already successful but at the same time I still have more to prove, basically to myself. I guess I just need to say Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens next! 

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