YNG Zuck Announces New Single Lame Sh!t; Full Length Album, Expensive Taste, To Follow

YNG Zuck is wrapping up nearly 18-months of single releases, with Lame Sh!t, a collaboration with hip-hop artist Dfils. YNG Zuck confirmed to us exclusively that this will be his last single release, before he begins releasing content from his highly anticipated full-length album, Expensive Taste, which has been in the making for more than a year. 

Expensive Taste (the album) is all but done,” Zuck tells us. “I have one or two clean-up sessions to make sure it’s perfect, and then it heads to mixing and mastering. Lame Sh!t is an older song that I always regretted not releasing, and this seemed like the perfect time to drop it. It wouldn’t have worked on the Expensive Taste record and seems like a fitting end to this entire era of my music. — I wanted to give everybody something to listen to before the new record drops. I don’t want people getting bored.”

Check out our exclusive Lame Sh!t album art preview below, before you can see it anywhere else!

Lame Sh!t is out, everywhere, June 3, 2022.

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