Nashville Music Guide Partners with Indie Connect, Inc



A Partnership to Assist Singers, Songwriters and Music Professionals Navigate Nashville’s Music Industry


NASHVILLE, TN, JANUARY 16, 2011 – Nashville Music Guide and Indie Connect, Inc. are proud to announce their upcoming partnership to assist singers, songwriters, and music professionals in Nashville. This partnership will help to provide more support to those in the indie music scene as they unite with the common goal of helping each other to be more successful.


Indie Connect, Inc. provides various music industry events for artists, songwriters and musicians to network with each other, network with service providers such as vocal coaches and marketing experts, and to network with other professionals such as managers and booking agents. They also host empowering workshops and seminars on every aspect of the music business.


To make your musical dream come true,” says Vinny Ribas, CEO of Indie Connect “you must have a plan for your career. You must have direction. Many artists have talent and drive. They just don’t have the direction and connections. That is where this partnership comes in.”


Nashville Music Guide will be partnering with Indie Connect, Inc. as an official media partner. The magazine and it’s digital counter-parts will also be co-sponsoring seminars in aid of the independent artist. (Events schedule can be found on NMG and Indie Connect are here to help publicize the independent artist and provide them an outlet to utilize and grow their career.


When asked about the partnership, Nashville Music Guide’s Managing Editor, Joe Matthews, said, “Nashville Music Guide looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with Indie Connect in achieving our common goals of assisting and promoting independent artists in Nashville’s thriving and challenging music scene.”

If you’d like more information and/or to schedule an interview please Contact Janell Webb at 615-574-5177 or send email to |




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