Nashville Music Guide Presents 100 Things to Do in Nashville Before You Die, 2nd Edition by Author Tom Adkinson

For those of us who live in or near Nashville TN or for those of us who visit frequently for work or fun, we know that Nashville is the hottest place to be. Tom Adkinson, author, and writer of “100 Things to Do in Nashville Before You Die, 2nd Edition” also agrees.

Nashville TN is one of the most visited cities in the US and rightly so because it has such an abundance of opportunities to offer. Not only can see your favorite country music superstars, up and coming new artist, and bask in the security of some of the top jobs in the country, you’ll see that the music city offers so much more for its millions of visitors each year.

There’s food, fun, and excitement 24 hours a day and travel writer, Tom Adkinson has featured 100 of the top amazing things to do.

In his amazing book “100 Things To Do In Nashville Before You Die, 2nd Edition” you’ll find a virtual road map to some of the most exciting places to quench your thirst, delight your appetite and amaze you with a stories of the history of Nashville and historic wonders.

It was extremely hard to pick which of the 100 things to feature for you here so be sure you pick up your copy to find out about the complete list.

Our first pick is the first mentioned in the book. The Capitol Grille, entertaining guests since 1910. You’ll love this dining experience with fresh foods straight from the garden to a hot grill. Located at the five-star Hermitage Hotel.

Adkinson: “A fluke when I was fresh out of journalism school at UT got me into travel writing. I’m forever grateful to that fluke-delivering editor because travel writing has taken me around the world. My writing experience — and years in travel industry PR work — put me in great shape to write this book.”

Our second selection is an all time favorite of mine, my German heritage exudes here. Built in 1898 Monells’s in the Germantown neighborhood presents with beautiful hardwood floors, shared seating, and features fried chicken, green beans, turnip greens, and salads. From strangers to friends this is the place to meet.

Adkinson: “My publisher and I both are in the Society of American Travel Writers, and I was tickled when he asked me to write the book. The assignment made me think deep and hard about various aspects of Nashville. My goal was to encourage people to get out and do things, to actively enjoy Nashville and perhaps be surprised on occasion. With only two exceptions, everything in the book is in Davidson County.”

Gibson Guitars

The third pick but by no means, a late bloomer is The Oak Bar. It’s long history as the headquarters for both pros- and anti-suffrage camps is a great conversation piece as well as enjoying some of the finest tasting bourbons in the state.

Known to all who reside in Nashville is Five Points, a crazy little intersection of streets that would confuse most visitors but surely offers great appeal. You’ll find Margot Cafe & Bar, enjoy Game Point Cafe for hundreds of board game fun, visit the Art & Invention Gallery, and grab a bushwhacker at 3 Crow Bar.

Our fifth and last selection to tease your senses and excite your curiosity is an all-time favorite for everyone The Nashville Farmers’ Market. This downtown jewel is within sight of the Capitol and offers so many fresh foods like strawberries, tomatoes in the summertime, and in the fall sweet potatoes. The fresh produce comes from over 150 farmers who fill the Farm Sheds.

Dining at the Hermitage Cafe

Adkinson: “The book is a compilation of my decades of living in Nashville, along with considerable consultation with friends over a beer or two — or maybe more.”

This is a great book to add to your collection and not only that but to share with friends and family who plan a memorable vacation to the music city of the south. Adkinson grew up in Nashville so his in-depth knowledge of the history, the fun, and the overall hospitality of Nashville TN is ingrained in his roots. Adkinson was assistant travel editor at Southern Living Magazine early in his career and covered the entertainment industry as well. He is a master storyteller and this book will not only give you wonderful ideas on the exciting places to see but it gives you information on the history of Nashville too.

Adkinson: Where to buy the book: Numerous retailers such as the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, the Omni Nashville Hotel, Two Old Hippies, Carter Vintage Guitars, the Peanut Shop in the Arcade and Batch at the Farmers’ Market. Also from my website, (whose name was inspired by the lyrics to “16th Avenue”).

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