Introducing Folk Artist Paul Doffling With “In Your Eyes” and “Easy As You Come” From the New Album “Running In The Dark”

I love this new music coming to us from seasoned artist and folk musician Paul Doffling. Paul has played guitar since the age of 12, cut his musical teeth on Creedence Clearwater Revival’s hit “Born on the Bayou” and showing his true natural talent of playing by ear. No sheet music for this natural born talented young man.

Over the next decade or so he honed his gifts with rock and roll, blues, both British and American folk music, he added a splash of classical and jazz guitar to the mix after that there was no stopping him.

Today for your listening pleasure we present two of Paul’s latest singles and they are both outstanding representations of his creative work.

“In Your Eyes” is absolutely mesmerizing. The intro of acoustic strumming welcomes you. The lyrics bring to our attention the reality to see the beauty of our world. To me, it speaks of the reflections of what we really have that we neglect so much. What a truly beautiful world we live in. The instrumentation on this song is class A musicianship. He reminds me a bit of Neil Young.

“ Easy As You Come” hooked me from the very first cord. If you love folk music the way I do this one is sure to be a favorite for life. The chord progression, the echo, the harmony, the entire instrumentation of the song is balanced, solid, and well mixed and mastered. This is a beautiful song and the inspiring message is strong. I love the sound, the songs, the emotions behind the music and the overall theme of this collection.

Both singles are from his new album “Running In The Dark” set to be released in just weeks. Don’t miss it so stay tuned.

My highest hope is that it is music that touches the listener’s heart. That it takes them somewhere and helps them feel something that maybe they forgot about, or even feel something they didn’t know about.” ~Paul Doffling~


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