Oak Ridge Boy Joe Bonsall Releases New Book

Many people know Joe Bonsall as the high voice in the legendary country music group The Oak Ridge Boys, but he is also a notable author, with eight published books—including a new book released in September. From My Perspective is a collection of commentaries and stories about life, music, faith, and America, all told in Joe’s energetic and engaging style.

In From My Perspective, Joe shares moments with celebrity friends, like the late Johnny Cash and Dottie Rambo; relates stories from 35 years on the road with The Oak Ridge Boys; and draws on disparate experiences in his life, from working the political trail to walking through wooded trails on his 400-acre farm near the Tennessee-Kentucky border.

“My publisher gave me a broad canvas to write upon,” Joe says, “and I took advantage of the opportunity, sharing views on most everything imaginable, from growing up in Philadelphia to playing banjo, to veterans and the current political climate. I hope readers will enjoy my anecdotes, at the heart of which is a definite message of optimism and faith.”

Bonsall continues, “It’s not an autobiography, but you can learn an awful lot about Joe Bonsall in this book. I joined the Oaks at age 25, and just turned 62, so how could there NOT be some Oak Ridge Boys’ perspective?”

The Oak Ridge Boys, a multi-award winning act, have sold millions of albums during the past three decades and continue to tour more than 150 days each year across the U.S. and Canada. Bonsall often writes during downtime on the road. “I have always written, but I never thought I would be considered ‘a writer,’” he smiles. “I will consider myself successful if I inspire people with what I write. I hope this book inspires them to become a better American, a better Christian or just a better person.”

From My Perspective, published by Journey Press, is available at online and retail outlets.

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