Opinion–Another Minus For Blake Shelton

It is great to be successful in your chosen field, and especially in the entertainment business, but when it comes to being successful with thousands of fans who are your support base, and you do not know how to handle this success, then it is time for your parents, your friends, your management, your booking agent, or maybe even your fans, to tell you that you need to change some of your ways, when it affects all of these people, who are the ones who make or break what you do.  An entertainer is only as good as his fan base-remember that.

So, let’s talk about a young successful artist, who, from what I have heard, has a real potty mouth.  I guess to some people, that is really no big deal, but it seems to be turning people off and away from Blake Shelton, who evidently has a LARGE EGO to go with his career status.  I remember him saying that the road gets to him and he would rather spend more time at home.  When he made the choice to want to become successful in the music business, his life changed.  Now the Grand Ole Opry has inducted him as their new member, which is really not all that great when you look at all of the rest that they have inducted over the past several years, and I can recall that only Martina McBride, Diamond Rio, Brad Paisley, Steve Wariner, maybe a couple of others, come back on a regular appearance, oh yes and Carrie Underwood has been good for the Opry.   BUT I don’t believe there is a language problem with these artists or any of the others when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, and any other electronic messaging, which Shelton uses to express his thoughts, and it gets pretty rugged at times.  Is he trying to be Mr. Ego, in that he feels he can say what he wants, when he wants?  I believe he is engaged to Miranda Lambert, and isn’t it true that she has had problems at some of her concerts with her mouth.  Then there is Jamey Johnson, one of the new super awesome artist/songwriters, (and pure country to the bone), who is having trouble with promoters, venues, and all because of his mouth.  I love his music and his writing.  I met him last year at a Christmas Party and he told me how much he loved Johnny PayCheck music, but let’s just be cautious of what we say in public that might turn off the fans, talents agents, venues, and promoters.  When PayCheck was at the top of his game, he was the lead artists in the Outlaw time of music, and his fan base were Take This Job & Shove It Fans, plus the ones who loved all of his music, but this is another day and time.

Now back to the Shelton story.  Somebody come forward and tell me that Shelton does not use the language that they are accusing him of using.  Twitter and Facebook can be an asset or can be detrimental to anyone, if they are in business, personal, or entertainment.  Shelton should use this free line of addressing his fans and whoever, for only purposes of talking about his career, and in doing so, get rid of the macho language that he is using.  No one thinks it is funny, no one appreciates it, and he will continue to lose a certain amount of his fan base by continuing to express his thoughts with bad language.  Hey, when your with the guys on the bus or in the dressing room, that is your business, but when you are sending your messages out to the public, use some discretion, when and where use foul language, and please when you are inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, don’t embarrass the country music industry with your mouth, other than singing.   Sing your hit songs, and don’t forget to make regular appearances at your new home in country music.

You might not like what I have said, but I don’t like what you are saying, so continue to sing great songs and use whatever language you wish, when it is with “your buddies.”

Marty Martel | martymartel@legendsfest.com



  1. I just spent the past 45 minutes reading all of this. The way I see it is, this writer has an opinion and, he stated it. Blake’s fan’s have opinions, they stated them. THIS IS COUNTRY MUSIC. Look, Waylon was like God to me and he cussed on stage, Hank was the same way for me back in the day but, his live shows were filled with it but, it didn’t dictate whether I would buy their next album or not..Their music alone did that. I simply don’t judge an artist by what kind of person they are.. The only connection I have with them is one…MUSIC, nothing else. Try and keep in mind ya’ll that 99% of the artists on Facebook and Twitter aren’t really the “REAL ARTISTS” Most simply don’t have that kind of time. I like artists that my wife doesn’t but we don’t argue about it. I happen to like Blake Shelton’s singing…I really don’t care what he say’s on Twitter (if it’s in fact him) He’s one of the few guys out today who still remembers what the hell real Country Music is.
    In reading, I don’t think Marty ever said that Blake was on the Opry Cussing and being foul mouthed as some possibly thought. He was suggesting that it simply wouldn’t work on the opry..Now, with that being said, if Blake being Blake includes a bit of profanity, is he going to change into some other form of Blake when appearing on the Opry? If he’s the same everyday as so many have stated, then he would be well suited to NOT perform on the Opry if being himself includes FOUL LANGUAGE.
    I’m a honky tonk singer. Have been for about 30 years now. I drink, I smoke, I drop a Damn, “she’s fine” over the mic once in a while. Don’t make me a bad dude…Just makes me, ME. One thing is for sure, ANY PUBLICITY………..GOOD OR BAD is still PUBLICITY!!! Blake’s a cool cat and a helluva Entertainer and singer…Marty’s pretty damn cool in my opinion for having the A** to post his opinion on this subject fully knowing he would be throwing himself to the B.S. fanbase wolves.. I admire you all for being “WHO YOU ARE” and saying so!! And Marty, Sorry for a couple of bad words in this post.. That’s Me Just Being Me…A song from my Album being released on June 17th.. You can also read my story in the June issue of the NASHVILLE MUSIC GUIDE….Had to get that plug in there…! I only hope my little fan base is as loyal as Blake’s.
    Curtis Lyn Cook aka CLC

  2. Ok, I am way late to this thread. I have to tell you I am not a big country fan but just fell in love with Blake Shelton’s personality on “The Voice”. He was sweet and Kind and funny. I started following him on twitter and was sadly disappointed. I do not know about the foul language the author is talking about because I have yet to see it but the constant tweets about being drunk and hungover are just to much. Why in 2011 does society think it’s ok and funny to constantly tweet about drinking? If infact it is true (which I am not sure it really is) he is going know where but down hill. It’s called alcoholism and it’s no joke. I think he is talented and a good human being. If you are truly fans and adore him then you should be concerned instead of laughing. Otherwise he is just going to end up on a season of celebrity rehab. Just sayen.

  3. Unfortunately for you mr. author, Blake Shelton is amassing quite the following on Twitter and is becoming more wildly successful than you could ever dream of. I guess that language is ruining his career though???

  4. I read everything Blake posts on Twitter and His response to anybody complaining about his language or dirty comments is”DELETE”… I guess he has made enough money that He dont care if He loses Fans. I like Blake’s music but I dont like his public foul language.. My mouth is just as trashy as his but I dont do it in public.
    Time will tell how much people will put up with… Good Luck Blake!

  5. For someone who is a writer wanting to talk about language, you should really look into yours first – learn the difference between “your” and “you’re,” for example. And don’t type “PayCheck” with that uppercase “c.” It’s wrong. And you don’t even know enough about Blake to know for SURE that he and Miranda are engaged? You must not be a real country fan then because that fact’s been everywhere for quite some time. But regarding Blake – he KNOWS the responsibility of being an Opry member, in several widely publicized interviews it’s pointed out that he said to those in charge at the Opry: “are you sure you guys want to do this? You know what you’re getting into by wanting me, right?” He has said he has the utmost respect for it, it’s a dream come true in fact, and he takes your exact point very much to heart and mind. Anyway, yes – he can be offensive at times, but that is kept separate from his respect for music and besides – his sarcasm and dry wit is HILARIOUS. It helps set him apart. You also forgot to mention Craig Morgan and Montgomery Gentry as recent Opry inductees that are often there.

    The most important thing you’re wrong about here is that being a “potty mouth,” as you so eloquently put it, does NOT equal having an ego!!!!! Blake is one of the most humble people out there. Mentioning that he’s tired from days on the road hardly equates to holier-than-thou. I think a simple glance at the moments of his Opry induction or for any of his awards speeches make it obvious how moved he is to get any acclaim and how much he doesn’t take it for granted.

  6. Wow what a topic. First I gotta say how is Carrie good for the opry? lol I love Blake. Yes, I agree sometimes I have to shake my head at some of his remarks & comments but thats just Blake. I wouldn’t want him to change or be fake like so many in the country music industry are.I have seen Blake several times in concert & it seemed he was just pretending to drink & I often wonder if that was actually alchohol in that red dixie cup that he kept sipping out of. I think Blake talks about getting drunk more than he actually does.

  7. Tamara,

    I have read your comments and not matter what you say about my opinions or that this is the 21st century, my opinions stand. Everyone that follows your superstar knows what I have said is the truth, there is not err in what I have said. Many of my comments are open to everyone and directed to those, including you, who have made statements to me regarding what was thought of my opinions. To err is human, to forgive is divine. What err and what is there to forgive. I don’t care if he cusses like a sailor on stage, on Twitter, in the bus, in the dressing room. That is his lifestyle and what I say is not going to change Blake Shelton. I presume by now that he has given his blessings or Marty Martel can go to hell, but what I care about is a great artist and my opinions are about one SUBJECT AND ONE SUBJECT ONLY. Please get it through you head, I am not discussing how great he is as an artist, I am discussing the subject of language at his pinnacle of success at this time. Do not try to incite me into your argument because I have said what I feel, and that is my right, just like it is your right. I hope he wins all of the awards he is nominated for, continues to sell CD’s, concert tickets, etc., but my comments will not change, and that does not make me a bad person. If you know of any other artists who have a bad language problem, please advise me who they are. If Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley, Chris Young, Reba, Martina, Carrie, and ‘Taylor don’t have to use language that is unbecoming of them, then what I have said is no err.

    My last statement on the Blake Shelton subject is that I hope he steps up to the next level of his career wherever that may be. I appreciate your comments.

  8. I just returned to write my comments on all of the nice Blake Shelton fans, and to those that cannot handle other peoples opinions, then don’t make any comments to me. I don’t know you, but some of you have crossed the line. You must think that Twitter and Facebook are what makes an artist successful. You are wrong. Blake Shelton’s Twitter comments only give him more reason to carry it out on stage. All of you know that. Everyone has missed the point of my comments all but one-Jesse Cottrell. This debate we are having has nothing to do with his ability to sing or have a great concert performance. It is about his foul language. I wonder when the Opry will allow their members to drink on the stage of the Opry or to say “f” anytime they want to. I must tell you, that Blake has some pretty nasty talking fans, but I just consider the source. I have given my opinion, you have given yours. I still think Blake Shelton is a great country singer, but I don’t agree with his foul mouth. But evidently most of you have no problem with that. BUT THAT IS YOUR RIGHT, AND YOU CAN BET YOUR LAST DOLLAR, YOU WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND IN ANY WAY.

    Now read the following carefully: I just received from Warner Bros. their promotion for Blake Shelton for the upcoming CMA Awards Show, titled ‘THIS IS BLAKE SHELTON’S YEAR. Shelton is up for male vocalist with 2 #1 singles this year, single of the year, musical event of the year, and music video of the year. Has made national TV headlines with 2 appearances on GMA, 3 appearances on The Today Show, 2 appearances on the The Late Late Show, and has appeared on Chelsea Lately and Jimmy Kimmell Live. Has one of the Top 10 most played singles of 2010-Hillbilly Bone, and has had every single released since 2007 be Top 10 10 or Better.

    Now with all that being said, it does not take a rocket scientists to see that Blake Shelton could be the next superstar, so once again I will say, get rid of the childish foul language and let him start being that superstar, or he will stay on the level he is at right now, and he knows exactly what I mean. Blake Shelton has even said himself that he wants to go to the next level with his music. So if he is going to take that next step, he needs to tone his mouth down.

    Twitter does not or will never make a superstar. You say I should quit talking about Twitter, but that is where a lot of his foul language comes from. As for my blasting him or any other artist, I do not blast them, I write my opinions on some of them, but I will never have to write an opinion on foul language regarding the real superstars of today, so if Blake wants to help this industry, Twitter is not the way to go. My comment to the idiot that said “did you ever think that the people on Twitter are his buddies.” Oh yeah I really thought that.

    In closing, I have enjoyed your debate, your great support of your artist Blake Shelton, and your fair disagreement with me. There are some of you that cannot accept anything negative about anything. To those of you that don’t think I know how the road can be tough to travel, you just don’t know anything about me. I know what the road can do to an artist. I have been there, and it takes its toll on anyone. That is why artists now basically work two or three days a week, travel in luxury tour buses, fly their own jets, and earn big bucks. To the other super idiot who asked if I were jealous of Blake Shelton-no way. Not a jealous bone in my body. If I were jealous I would not have given my opinion of how great Shelton could be.

    Have a great evening to all of you who were critical of my comments, but accepted the debate for what it was meant to be-my opinion against yours. To those who could not handle it issues, don’t bother replying, because I do not have time to argue with people who cannot see both sides of any story.

    • You, sir, have yet to say when and where this “foul language” has happened that you for yourself have heard. You’re welcome to your opinion, however without actual events to base them on you shouldn’t call them “fact”. I notice You aren’t addressing this, or what Devin or Tambra have said, all of which were excellent points.

    • I don’t think anyone is saying that you are not entitled to your opinion, but you are presenting your opinion in an on-line news source and, IMO, that requires a level of professionalism that your have not displayed in your piece. For me, in order for an opinion piece to be taken seriously and given thoughtful consideration, the opinion presented needs to be based on more than conjecture and personal beliefs. You have singled out one country music artist (well, two, if you count the brief mention of Jamey Johnson) and tried to make an example of him. And, while there may well be fans that may be offended by his sense of humor, you have made such sweeping and general statements without presenting any facts to back them up, except for your own distaste, that it makes your opinion and hypothesis hard to accept.

      Secondly, I think that it is you who has actually made this debate personal by targeting only one country music artist and expressing your view that his twitter habits and cussing will be his downfall, without providing any concrete evidence that this is indeed happening. And, while the opinion you have expressed does not lead to censorship, it is a form of censure, a judgement that those who don’t conform to your own moral code will suffer consequences in the long-term, and that, IMO, is walking a fine line. This is the 21st century and we are not living on Walton’s Mountain. People, including celebrities, will say and do things that will raise eyebrows. They are human and you know what they say – To err is human, to forgive is divine.

  9. Marty, where is the line between Blake Shelton the country singer and Blake Shelton the person. His concerts are not one long cuss word, nor are his interviews, I have never heard of Blake being rude, mean, vulger or inppropriate during Meet and Greets….his albums are full of wonderful music from his ballads to his Rockin songs. They are not filled with cuss words….so i guess this is where i have a hard time fully understanding your point of view. Blake is an entertainer…we award him for his talented singing, and his wonderful stage performances. Those are all part of the “JOB” but there is a point in the day where the “Job” ends. When I chose to be a fan of Blake Shelton It was based on his music,it is the way i can relate to the songs or just enjoy them. If Blake is losing fans because of his twitter or facebook then those people were fans for the wrong reason or were never really fans at all. As to Blake drinking on stage….Many artists do it….and it is not a new trend….country artists have been drinking and performing for years. I guess what i have a hard time with is you kind of set the twitter thing aside and you have no real argument…

    P.S. Marty, I would like to apologise to you for the one or two who told you to kiss her country A$$…..that was rude and uncalled for….I don’t necessarilly agree ith your point of view but you have a right to state it and discuss it in a mature manner. I give you props for having thus far carrying on a civil discussion….it can’t be easy when our outnumbered. But you have handled t well.

  10. I wanted to add, with all due respect, that it is this kind of over-generalized, narrow-minded, puritanical commentary that leads celebrities to shy away from interacting and connecting with their fans on a more personal and laid back level.

  11. I have to strongly disagree with your perception of Blake or Miranda…So what if he curses…So does Toby and I love them both. I suppose you did not watch Backstory on GAC “Trace Adkins”. He cursed the entire show but I hear no judgment on him or his ability to make country music. Blake has earned his right to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry and I’ve been attending Opry house shows since I was two. I’ve also attended several Blake and Miranda shows (which are mainly done at county fairs) full of families…I’ve watched very few walk out. I think you need to get off your soapbox and look at the number of followers he has on Twitter. Obviously he hasn’t offended too many people, fans or not. I guess you have a problem with Zac Brown as well. Blake’s motivation has never been money nor has Miranda’s been. People criticize Toby all the time, He made $48 million last year. I think being yourself might just pay off once in a while.

  12. Where to begin . . . I like Blake Shelton’s music – a lot! I read his tweets and sometimes they make me laugh, and sometimes they don’t. We all have our own brand of humor. Am I offended by his tweets – No. Although I am not always proud to admit it, I cuss like a drunken sailor at times and tell the most off-color and politically incorrect jokes, so locker-room humor does not bother me. If I were offended by his tweets, would I refuse to buy his music – No. His tweets, cussing and locker-room humor do not negate the enormous talent that he is and will continue to be, nor the contribution he has made to country music and continues to make. While I appreciate the point you are trying to make, I think you have over-generalized, have neglected to sustantiate your “facts”, and have failed to illustrate that he is losing fans (of his music) and that nobody thinks his tweets or cussing are funny Obviously, his twitter followers would disagree. Now, perhaps there is a certain degree of separation between the twitter persona and the country music artist in terms of fanbase. There are, no doubt, those who follow him on twitter because of his tweets but who may not be fans of his music (yet), there are probably those who follow his music career and avoid his twitter or even twitter altogether and then there are those that are fans of both. I would also like to point out that I have seen him in interviews and he has always seemed genuine and hasn’t used bad language. He is who he – an talented, country music artist who isn’t always PC, but is always true to himself on stage and off.

  13. I’ve been to 4…and 2 more This week. Lisa Cornella has been to countless, and I’m saying the foul language that you’re speaking of I’ve never seen at a show, or for That matter an interview. Since it seems to be one of your “facts” that you were so adamant about, its the main subject I’ve chosen to address. We all have freedom of speech, but if you’re going to write something and call it “fact” you should make should its correct. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a business, for a writer especially, if you write something untrue it’s not going to do your career any good. Even your friend said his language at a show was not as bad as you’re saying.

    • Dorothy. Thanks for your comments but we are not talking about 1-2-3-4 concerts, we are talking about the entire picture, not just the frame. There is no doubt that there are some venues where bad language would be unacceptable, one coming to mind would be the Grand Ole Opry, and there are others also. Yes my friends said that his language was not that bad. What do you mean “as bad as I have said.” Just read what Ashley said in her comment and what she sent me that supposedly was wrote on Twitter by Blake. Nothing I have said is untrue. BTW the best place to drink beer is backstage, at home, in a bar, parties, etc., not on stage. Am I a prude, no way, but lets get real about this. I am not telling anyone not to like him, I am just speaking what I feel and he can do whatever he wants, and Marty Martel is not going to change Blake Shelton in anything he does, but I sure can comment on what he does when it is not acceptable by many fans.

      • I’m not talking about 1-2-3-4 concerts,I’m talking about ALL! As to the Opry, when is it That Blake has used foul language there? When were these events that you have heard Blake use such language? You seem to be charging him with something that no one has seen.

        • blake has great respect for the opry ..to the point i remember him being offended by another singer who once wore a baseball cap ..blake felt like it was disrespectful so for future references i dont see blake loving the opry the way he does as disrespecting it

  14. All Marty Martel is trying to do is get people to read this blog. And the only way he can do this is by talking about Blake Shelton! Go Blake!

  15. You talk about staying on the subject yet you yourself got off the subject a few times as well as taking some very cheap shots @ people like Miranda Lambert & others too. Like I said before if you don’t like what they have to say then don’t listen, follow or go see them.

  16. I also am a fan of both Blake & Miranda. I think it is wrong of you to put others down as you are. Both of these artists are real down to earth artists who love their fans & we as their fans love them too. If you don’t like what they are saying then don’t follow them or go see their concerts. Twitter & Facebook are place for them to talk with their fans & say what’s on their minds. I personally find Blake’s tweets very entertaining & I often read them for a good laugh.

  17. Did you ever stop to think that maybe those that he converses with on twitter he considers to be his pals? No one forces you to follow him on twitter, it’s a choice. Read press releases If you don’t like him being himself. He has a right to be and say whatever he wants. You can choose to press the unfollow button at any time.

  18. Marty Marty Marty….you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but so am I. So here it goes. (I’ve tried sifting through all this so my thoughts and things I address may seem a little scattered, so for that, I apologize)

    Starting with your most recent comment. Of course Blake WANTS to win Entertainer or Male Vocalist of the year. No one wants to shy away from such accolades. What he’s getting at is those things don’t define him as an artist or as a person. Whether a million people hear his music or he’s selling CD’s out of the back of his truck, Blake is going to be Blake, awards or not. That’s all that he’s trying to convey there.

    As far as the cursing goes, I can see your point as ALMOST being valid. Granted, there are people out there that are averse to hearing foul language, but for most, society has desensitized to the point where such language isn’t as inappropriate as it once was. Flip through your channels during prime time and I challenge you to find a sitcom or show that doesn’t curse at some point. Hell, there’s a show now called S#$* my Dad says right now. I’m not excusing the use of it. I’m just trying to point out that it’s become (for better or worse) part of the vernacular. It’s not as callous and taboo as it used to be.

    I see your reasoning for singling out Blake, and I see that it’s drawn the ire of many Blake Shelton fanatics (myself included). You’ve said that his inappropriate use of twitter and social media is going to hurt him and lose fans in the long run. I have to disagree. The key in this industry is exposure. And without a doubt Blake’s tweets have exposed him to more potential fans than he ever could have hoped for. I don’t think it’s any small coincidence that his two most recent singles were the fastest rising #1’s for him, and that the albums debuted at #2 and #1 respectively. All of this happening at the peak of his tweeting notoriety. Most every artist out there has a twitter, but none have seen quite the rise in fans and overall exposure, I’d be willing to wager, like Blake has. Why? Because most people don’t really care about the mundane things. They want to be entertained by their entertainers. And that’s why Blake has succeeded.

    The cursing is not essential to the social media success, but it’s certainly not hurting him. More people will be amused by it then will be offended by it, so why cater to the minority? Why should Blake censor himself when no one in large numbers is calling for it? Why does Blake have to sacrifice being himself in order to become more popular? That, sir, is called selling out.

    Now that that’s out of the way, a couple more points you brought up that I’d like to address.

    You criticized Blake for talking about wishing he were home more often, since he should have known the consequences of the career he chose. That point is just a little absurd to me. Do you not have family and friends and a home that you miss when you’re away for long periods of time? How can you criticize him for having emotions? I’m just appalled that you expect him to be so dedicated to his craft that he should neglect his desire to be home around family.

    As far as Blake Shelton’s concert experience goes, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Blake Shelton’s target audience is not young children or religious zealots or anything like that. So why can’t he have a beer on stage? The Blake Shelton concerts I’ve been to were IN BARS. How is drinking a beer on stage unacceptable. If you’re an artist playing a venue that serves alcohol and has adults present, why should Blake be unable to enjoy the same luxuries. Is it because it sends a poor message to younger audience members? If that’s what you’re talking about then the kids need not look further than the people within 20 feet of them to find someone heavily intoxicated. Blake drinking a beer on stage is perfectly acceptable. Should he sing a song like The More I Drink while sipping on a bottle of water? It just wouldn’t be him, and I see no valid reason why he should change that.

    It’s obvious you are a fan of country music, and traditional country music. People like Willie, Merle, Waylon, they’re the embodiment of the country music that people idolize today. Whether they cussed on stage or not, do you think they would have cared if anyone wanted them to stop? They made a reputation for being different and not apologizing for it, and today they are lauded for being revolutionary. So why do artists like Blake Shelton, with the same sort of values, have to be judged so differently?

    If you read all this and respond, I appreciate it. I love debating things like this with people.

  19. I don’t care who ya are in this day and age like it or not potty mouth or trash talk is mainstream. I don’t condone or condemn. I wasn’t put here to judge, just take it in, live and learn. I can’t call you a hypocrite, don’t know you well enough. That said..look it up darlin: John 8:7. I go to church but I’m not perfect either and I am not the one throwing stones.

    • And I likewise do not care who you are or your beliefs. There are no stones to throw, just facts Maggie, just facts. No judgement, just letting Blake know that there are fans who do not like it, and the comments I have made need to said, whether you like it or not. No you cannot call me a hypocrite and I cannot call you one, but let us keep the issue at hand, in front of us and argue the points that I have made. Appreciate your comments but I will be holding true to mine.

      • You say here…”there are fans who do not like it” Wrong Marty wrong. We the fans of Blake Shelton love him just the way he is. We are not offended. We do not care if he uses an expletive. We don’t care, in fact we LOVE the crazy, silly things he says. The fans of Blake Shelton don’t have a problem with it. That’s exactly the point. You called him out on his language because it offends you. Matthew 5:29 . You have to do what’s right for you but don’t tell us and the rest of the world that Blake Shelton needs to fix what isn’t in fact broken. The contribution he’s making to country music at this point in his career in my humble and personal opinion is huge. He appeals to the “pop country” folks as well as tried and true pure country music lovers. You have a right to your opinion but expect that the rest of us with opinions are gonna scream at the top of our Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert loving lungs and sing his praises and take offense to your extremely small minded thoughts and feelings. Go to a country concert, see the people that go to them. Live on the wild side.

    • Marty with no offense intended ..your talking in circles when someone uses twitter to make their point you tell them to forget it but then proceed to bring it up when supporting your view..yes blake can have a potty mouth..has he lost fans yes he has ..has he gained more due to his potty mouth yes…i ask you to sign up to twitter for a week and follow blake shelton theres people on there that hate country music but because of blakes potty mouth they start following him ..then they start buying cds ..as blake tells them about other good singers hes also expanding their listening ..can blake save country music ..no not on his own ..but he has made it more mainstream through twitter for people to like and discuss.everyone has a right to an opinion and i have heard yours ..but if were not going to talk about twitter then dont bring it up to support your views ..one more thing on twitter blake has got a fan base growing overseas i have seen him get tweets from germany australia and asia .

      • I agree about your comments on Twitter. I won’t bring it up again because that is where Blake is having most of his problems and he brings it onstage with him as you have said, but trust what I tell you, the time will come when fans will no longer clamor to support Blake Shelton or others that feel that foul mouth talk makes them one of the guys. I appreciate comments from people such as you because you have an open mind to what I am saying. But you must admit that Twitter has caused many of his problems.

        • Wait…you say twitter is where Blake Shelton has most of his problems. What problems? Who said they’re problems? I think these are your own preconceived notions or morals or whatever you want to call them. Far as I can see Mr Shelton isn’t having problems and to be honest, if he’s reading this rubbish lol…he’s sitting back and laughing at you. He’s having the time of his life…and we’re helping him and loving it.

  20. To Marty Martel, I would like to know who made you God?????????
    I think Blake and Miranda are the greatest. Could be you might be a little jealous??

  21. so this is from Blake Shelton from twitter on Monday July 5, 2010 Blake had this to say…

    Ya know… Maybe I’m way off but to me an artist is a person that has something to say/express in his or her own unique way. I’m not trying to win enteratainer of the year… Clearly!!! I f???’in hate it when people think they have to be politically correct to be in this business! I’m not in a game… I’m a country singer that’s not afraid to be myself!! Maybe a little extreme at times.. But I’m not trying to make the world love me… I just want to let people, that are bored with the same old middle ground, know theirs someone out there that’s like them… COUNTRY.

    And this is why I love Blake Shelton!!! All in a nut-shell what kind of person he is 🙂 And why his fans love him

    • Well Ashley, I am going to comment on the paragraph you sent, presumably from Blake himself. Could he have not left out the third line that starts with “f”. No one is trying to be politically correct, just cut out the garbage talk. And for him to say he is not trying to be Entertainer of the Year is BS. He wouldn’t be in this business, country or not country, unless he wants the accolades that comes to those who are successful. Selling CD’s, platinum CD’s,and his merchandise, concert tickets, and building a fan base, but don’t give me that ole song and dance that he don’t want to be Male Vocalist of the Year, with Song of the Year, Single of the Year, Album of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. It is part of the business which keep an artists career successful.

      I want him to be himself, but leave out that garbage talk unless he is where it is acceptable by all in his presence. How does he know who is bored with the old middle of ground, and just what does he mean. We all know he is country, no need for him to use it as a soapbox. I have been listening to Jack Greene’s new CD which IS COUNTRY, and also listening to Reba, Chris Young, T. Keith, Vince Gill, Lady Antebellum, and a long list of other artists, so he needs to explain what he means.

      Hey Blake, tell your record label you don’t give a “f” about being entertainer of the year, and when your record sales declines, should that happen, tell your record label that also.

  22. The reason I am such a fan of Blake and Miranda is because they are who they are and they make no apology for that. You have a choice. You can love em or leave em. I do find it funny that you’re writing this article while they both are at the top of their game. It’s obvious to me that their fans love and respect who they are and what they have to say. If that wasn’t the case then their careers would already be in the toilet. I wouldn’t want either one of them to change. They’re real, down to earth people and I find it rather refreshing in a society of posers.

    • Great. I am glad you are Blake and Miranda fans, but read what I have said and try and understand and take your blind fold off. I hope they stay on top for another 20 years, but I don’t think so. Maybe they are down to earth people, and no doubt they are, but understand what I have said and then comment on what you disagree about. What is a society of posers. We have been living in this society as we know for a long, long time. Evidently you are in a different society then most of us. BTW, no one is asking either of them to apologize. We all have the same choices-love it or leave it. C’mon let’s get serious about our disagreements.

  23. Well finally someone understands what I am saying about Blake Shelton. Thank you Jesse. And Dorothy, in answer to your question, yes I have seen his concert, but we are not talking about one (1) concert, we are talking about concerts. Great, that you have attended a concert where there was no “bad language.”

    I have been in this business long enough to know that no entertainer would ever disgrace the stage of The Grand Ole Opry with derogatory language or comments, because it would be the end of their career. We are not talking about the Opry-just personal appearances. Twitter and Facebook can be ugly as everyone knows. I am sure you understand what I am saying.

    When you are trying to build a fan base for your career, use all of the tools at your disposal to pull in “all” of the fans, not just the new and young, but also the new and old. Incidentally I am not trying to change his lifestyle, that is his own business, I am just trying to make a suggestion. You can be funny, and a little to left of center, but it is good not to push anyone away for any reason. Shelton is getting in a position to be an artist who can be a pied piper and people will listen to what he feels even other than his music. If he has personal feelings that he needs to speak about, then he needs to address them through his publicists and management. If he elects to use the stage for his personal platform of his feelings then that is his business, but keep the language above the line. And the stage is for performing one’s music for the ticket buyers. Not wasted time drinking beer and using language that does not fit the show.

    Thanks to all of the Blake Shelton’s fans who have come forward to air their disagreement with my article. I do appreciate a good debate. I hold to my opinion.

  24. I guess we just hope & expect the best a person can be, from someone in the position this good singer is in. He has the chance to have his dreams not only come true…but, to stay true for however long possible. Most will never imagine the success, musically, he has going for himself at this time. It’s just sad to see someone with his intelligence not stand for everything he can morally & respect his personal vocabulary. Like it has been stated, we hope he doesn’t think this is funny or accepting by most. It leaves a sad picture… when we know the talent is there &, by interviews he has given, himself, & we’ve viewed… we know there is a true heart of knowledge inside this talented person. The obvious language is unbecoming & just leaves a sadness of the heart for this seemingly kind hearted young man…. old enough to know better…. & from his own past experiences he has shared, himself,,, it does look like he would take all this into consideration & be careful with his choice of words & believe he would go even farther if speaking from the heart with appropriate words. We wish him the very best & above all,,, to give thanks to the good Lord above for any success that comes his way with the greatest respect & may that respect be reflected through his life, actions & words. I’m glad to know Mr. Martel & anyone else cares, & is caringly concerned, where this will lead for Blake. I will say, if the majority doesn’t care in this dept., we’re in another pitiful spot for what we expect out of those in the public eye & ear. We hope this will be received with a humble heart & desire to “do better” for all the right reasons. We hope he will be able to make better choices & see the fruits of his labor with a constant flow of success to come for a long time…. we’ve enjoyed his music for a long time & hope to enjoy it for a lot longer. I wonder what Roy Acuff & Porter Wagoner would have to say concerning proper language for open public spaces? More to the point of ‘today’, I wonder what the greats like Eddie Stubbs & Jimmy Dickens would have to say concerning this matter? I believe any true country music fan knows the answers to these questions without a doubt….. shown by the people mentioned….etiquette & respect. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to become lowered into anything “because someone says it’s IN”…. that’s just someone’s opinion of whether something is IN or not. When we know right from wrong, there lies the answer… & one can never go wrong with etiquette & respect……they go a long way in whatever direction a person is headed.


  26. Marty, I still think the original piece had a few cheap shots. I appeciate that you listened to what we Blake fans had to say, I disagree with you but at least you took the time to debate. You have a good day too.

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