Ryan Hutchens with “The Last Ten Years”; A True Taste of Simply…Soulful…Americana Folk

I love Americana/Folk style music and this collection falls in to that genre nicely. Ryan Hutchens of Denver Colorado released “The Last Ten Years” to exciting reviews and his easy going and inviting sound has caught on with the Americana/Folk Rock community and people are paying major attention.

He was born in South Carolina but makes his home in Colorado. He is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been touring across the country for several years now. He grew up listening to various styles of music like bluegrass, folk, gospel, and classical. Beginning in 2011 and up to 2015 he had already released six albums under the name of Cancellieri. He eventually dropped the stage name and began performing under his real name, Ryan Hutchens.

Track one of the album, “Green Eyes” is easy flowing and smooth like a sweet fine wine. I enjoy the elliptical sound of the vocals and gentle flow of the instrumentation. The piano was superb with just the right tone.

“The Last Ten Years” which is also the name of this collection begins with a bright and clear acoustic melody. Vocals are also bright, clear, and fresh. His voice is inviting. The song speaks of the common struggles we face in life but encourages us to keep helping each other and never give in, just keep our love alive.

This album was recorded at Archer Avenue Studio in Columbia South Carolina in the summer of 2017 and is an independent release from October of the same year. It was recorded over the course a week by Kenny McWilliams and was mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The collection is mostly traditional Americana filled with the beautiful sounds of pedal steel, banjo, acoustic guitar, light percussion and soft electric bass guitar. Ryan composed all the songs and performed the majority of all instrumentation on the album. Kenny McWilliams performed on several tracks, as well as Idris Chandler performing on the cello and Travis Wright with some pedal steel tracks.

“Hutchens strums songs for strolling along southern trails, to chorus hymns in the key of confidence. Listen as the acoustics strum the distances between Columbia and Denver where Hutchens voice trails like an express engine trekking away from the hometown of the south to the pointed rocky mountain high peaks.” -Impose Magazine

Ryan is not shy when it comes to expressing his feelings which is exactly what he has poured in to the 11 tracks on this collection. Lyrically this album is full of soft undertones of love, loss, broken hearts, healing, moving on and making the best of separations and peace of mind.

“New Remedy” is warm, and slow, with a hint of an almost country opening. At the beginning the guitar and the sound of a slight steel, lends a soft Americana feel.

“Creating genre-spanning, atmospheric indie folk rock with careful instrumentation.” -Wild Honey Pie

The last song I selected to mentioned was “The Landing” and it has more of an upbeat tempo that started my toes to tapping. Again I enjoyed the steel guitar and the acoustic mix. The tempo was a nice and the vocals refreshing.

“Astonishingly pretty, tranquil as a painting.” ~Nothing Sounds Better~

Artists who have shared their talent on this collection are Ryan Hutchens with lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica, and Percussion. Idris Chandler with Cello. Travis Wright on that lovely Pedal Steel Guitar and Kenny McWilliams with Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, and Percussion.

I would say that if I had to place him in a style or category and I hate to do that because he far surpasses so many I would have to say he fits super nicely in to the styles of Americana and Folk Rock. There is also a slight hint of soft country in there but more the styles of James Taylor and Mumford and Sons.

“Honest lyrics and personal stories that can express more universal thoughts and feelings are at the core of what I try to do with my songwriting” – Ryan Hutchens

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