Shari Rowe Will Put a Southern Spell on You

Shari Rowe’s single, Southern Spells, released on May 22 with a new feel to an old sound we have grown to love in country music. Following her bluegrass rooted “Take that Shot” single from September 2016; the sound of Southern Spells has a classic country feel that stays true to Rowe’s love of fiddle riffs and moving lyrics that speak to the southerner in us all.

Southern Spells packs a harmonic and textured sound that plays like the theme song of a cowboy hat, a cold brew, and night at the Grand Ole Opry. Co-written with Nick Orso, you can feel the emotional draw behind each note—leaving you with a sense of wonderment to its inspiration– as Shari tells the story of a southern belle and the tricks she can play on your heartstrings. Beware of the devil she warns:

Oh she’ll take you for a ride straight to hell. Unless you can guard your eyes. Fare thee well the southern spell.”

Rowe brings a story to life through her whimsical lyrics likely to put a spell on listeners. It’s an upbeat, methodic rhythm driven by heavy strings and train track percussion that paints an allegoric vision of the moss covered trees and rolling hills of the South. She is a new voice to an old style of country music reminding you of the likes of SHeDAISY and Mindy McCready, earning her a deserving spot next to the country classics. Shari Rowe is likely to put a spell on Music City with her new hit– guaranteed to enchant listeners.

Listen to Shari Rowe’s Southern Spells:

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REVIEW BY: Ashley Reed, June 2017


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