Single Review: “World Gone Mad” by Josiah Siska

In a world that’s gone mad, it’s the little things in life that help to keep us sane. That’s the spirit behind “World Gone Mad” (Black River Entertainment), the new single from Josiah Siska. 

It’s a warm, gentle ballad that starts out saying that it would be nice to have more money to buy a house and not worry about unpaid bills, but then Josiah tells the woman he loves: 

For now it can wait, I’m content just to make it home to you 

It’s enough that you know I’ve done all that I can do  

I’ve got everything just knowing that you have a safe place to fall 

In a world gone mad. 

It’s a heartfelt sentiment that is timeless, but somehow seems particularly timely now in these troubled and uncertain days everywhere in the world. Josiah’s sure but gentle voice is perfectly suited to the lyrics that will touch the heart of the listener.  The song is a warm weave of hope and optimism that might remind you of John Denver’s vocal stylings. 

“World Gone Mad” was written by award-winning hit-songwriter Doug Johnson, GRAMMY-Nominated songwriter Dave Gibson, Walker Montgomery and Nick Sturms, and produced by Doug Johnson and Sawyer Brown’s Mark Miller. It will be digitally available to stream and download September 11, 2020. 

Josiah was a popular contestant on the Farewell Season of American Idol, with his audition clip receiving over 6 million views on Facebook and YouTube, in addition to the millions of viewers who watched his performance live on TV. He recently signed a record and publishing deal with Black River Entertainment, and “World Gone Mad” is his debut single from the label. 

Hailing from Gwinnette, Georgia, Josiah is a self-proclaimed “Rhinestone Redneck” whose voice blends the feel of classic country with the sound of today. He does full justice to the warm and comforting lyrics of “World Gone Mad”. 

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Story by Preshias Harris

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