Smooth Sailing for Captain Joe Kent During Exciting Nashville Trip

Captain Joe Kent performs at Lyrics for Lyric at Pick's Nashville this past February

Louisiana riverboat captain and country songwriter Captain Joe Kent had the time of his musical life during a recent visit to Music City.

During a hectic few days set up by Nashville Music Guide executive editor and TCM Records head Randy Matthews, Captain Joe performed at Pick’s Nashville in the Lyrics For Lyric monthly series; played the next night at Tony Stampley’s Songwriters Night; had several key meetings and a fine photo session; and co-wrote a song with Tony that Stampley has already demoed.

“I have found a whole new family up there in Nashville,” Captain Joe said in a conversation from a Louisiana waterway between New Orleans and Morgan City in mid-March, when it was already almost 80 degrees. “Kymberly, Joe, and Randy Matthews all made me part of the family. So did all of them people at Pick’s, so when I played I couldn’t be really nervous because I was among people that cared about me.”

And when the captain came to Nashville, he brought a boatload of fans from all over to cheer him on. There were Captain Joe friends and fans from the states of Louisiana,  Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and Georgia. Other folks from Alabama and across the country tuned in to the live Webcast on

“That shows the impact I’ve had across the nation,” Joe says.

The captain had been thinking about this Nashville trip for quite awhile, in many ways almost his whole musical life.

“It didn’t really dawn on me till we pulled up at the Best Western,” he says of arriving on Music Row with wife Denise and daughter Dianna. “We went in to get our room and everything, and the adrenaline started flowing.”

He continues: “I told myself that this is what I was up here for. I got a little nervous at first, because this is my childhood dream, and one that I thought would never be fulfilled.

Joe Kent poses for photo shoot with Bob Coan with New Media Edge

“This is one of the happiest times of my life,” he says.

Captain Joe, after the requisite five or six beers, was a terrific hit at the Lyrics For Lyric show at Pick’s. The next night, Stampley, a Louisiana native himself, invited Joe onstage at Tony’s own writer’s night.

“He called me on stage after only one beer,” Kent says, smiling. “I learned that I will never step on stage without five or six beers.”

Another bud of the captain’s, an Arkansas cowboy named James Adair, is such a fan of all of Captain Joe’s songs that he actually requested one that Kent had not rehearsed for his Nashville shows.

But as always, the captain weathered that musical storm as well, and did his usual superb job.

Meanwhile, Captain Joe also met with Bob Coan of for a photo session.

“The photos came out just awesome, and Bob told me a lot of trade secrets,” Kent says.

Joe also had several key meetings with Randy Matthews. Both are actually opening publishing companies – Randy’s called Oil Trash Music, reflecting his proud Oklahoma roots and great accomplishments in the oil and natural gas businesses; and Joe’s is called Boat Trash Music, which he and the Missouri tunesmith and artist Curtis Lyn Cook will run.

A co-writing session with Tony Stampley yielded a new song called “The Party’s On” which is already being pitched around Music Row.

“It’s an awesome, bad-ass song,” Captain Joe says. “Everybody’s extremely excited about the song, including Tony. It’s already being billed as a hit.”

Stampley and Kent have become fast friends. Both are talkative country boys with strong Louisiana roots, and both are highly creative, passionate types with writers’ souls.

Besides, Joe Kent has dreamt of writing with Tony Stampley for a long, long time. Kent’s greatest musical hero is likely Hank Williams Jr., for whom Tony has written more than a dozen songs. And Bocephus was very close with Merle Kilgore, the country manager and songwriter (Merle co-wrote “Ring Of Fire” with June Carter Cash) who was the only Music Row executive who encouraged Joe Kent early in his songwriting career.

“Everything that Randy Matthews set up for me turned out to be a huge success,” the captain says. “Playing at Pick’s for the Lyrics For Lyric went over well. I was taken well there. And Randy set up that writer’s appointment for me with Tony Stampley.”

Don’t be at all surprised if we hear the results of that dynamic duo at country radio sometime soon.

Another delight for Joe Kent was bringing some of his crew along with him, including pilot Eric Stern, known as Big E. After both returned from Nashville, Big E asked Captain Joe something nobody had ever requested before.

“I want my guitar signed by you,” Big E said.

After happily signing, Joe told Big E, “finally I feel like an official celebrity.”

Captain Joe’s life has changed dramatically since the Nashville Music Guide, thanks to Kym Matthews’s sharp recommendation, first wrote about the captain last fall. His Web presence and fan base have exploded since then. So has his cell phone, now often with requests from other writers wanting to co-write.

“The Nashville Music Guide has opened up all kinds of doors for me,” he says. “Way back when, I thought if I ever made it to Nashville that I would be saying `thank God.’ Now, after 20 some-odd years the apt response would be, ‘it’s about time.’ ”

Patience and hard work have truly paid off for Captain Joe Kent, with huge assists from Randy Matthews and the whole NMG and TCM Records teams.

By Phil Sweetland


    • Thanks, Mik, it’s gonna be great!! Keep up the good work-congrats on working your way up to the wheelhouse!! See you at the top of the charts!!

  1. Miss Stacie, it meant the world to have you and Cowboy there with me!! I know the sacrifices that were made for y’all to come and I appreciate it!! Even though I was not able to spend much time with y’all in Nashville, it was a warm feeling being surrounded by the people I love!! We have built memories that will last a life time and I am so glad our paths crossed and we all became as close as we have!! Thank you so much!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  2. So glad we were able to share this moment with you! I really enjoyed hearing and seeing you on the stage doing your thang. Keep up the good work!

  3. Miss Melanie-You know it’s been a long hard road but I’ve had great people and family helping me along!! Seems like just yesterday I moved to Louisiana and met you just as you were about to become an official member of the family!! It has been many years now!! Time has certainly flown by!! I intend to make the family proud!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!! See you at the top of the charts!!

  4. Joe what a great article! How awesome to see your dreams coming true. Your family is so proud of you and happy that things are sailing your way! It IS about time!!! Keep the good stuff coming and we’ll be here to support you!

  5. great job Joe keep wrighting great songs .im glad your finaly geting your break.god bless you and congrats .

    • Hey cuz-you’ve seen me working on this most of my life and now the fruits of my labor are starting to mature!! It is great to know that I have the support of my family!! Thanks for helping me spread the word and sharing my songs on Facebook!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  6. Congratulations on everything Joe. The articles, collaborations, and seeing your dreams coming true. You have shown everyone that anything can happen with a little hard work and a lot of passion for what you do.

    • Mike, None of this would have ever happened had it not been for you!! I was lost as a ball in a weed patch on a computer and couldn’t even spell Facebook-Lol!! You saw my vision right away and offered the encouragement and technology to get me started!! It is kind of funny to know that we set out just to beat one guy on Reverbnation then along came the Nashville Music Guide and we shot right up the charts!! Now I hold the record for the most fan comments ever on a single article with the NMG!! Wow-what an accomplishment in just 8 months of being on the Internet!! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication-You are a Jenius!! Pens up-See you at the top of the charts!!

  7. Captain Joe, I had a blast in Nashville, and was so excited I was able to be there and cheer you on. I couldn’t be more proud of you and happy for you! I still get a kick out of Cowboy and his request! It’s nice to see you making some good headway with the songwriting. We have been working together for 6 years now and you are like my brother and it just makes me so happy that you got your songs on music row and I was there to see it!!! Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to hear them Jocephus songs on the radio!

    • Big E, Man I can’t believe that you are within a few months of being eligible by USCG standards of being a captain yourself!! It seems like just yesterday you were that quiet, reserved, introverted deckhand from Mississippi!! Captain Smiley gave you your nick name but I laid claim to you as my deckhand!! That is possibly the best decision I’ve ever made as a captain!! I have watched you grow into a leader that others admire and look up to!! No wonder folks want to be like you because you are good at everything you do!! I tell folks all the time that there’s nothing that you can’t do or fix!! I tell them that with a little Redhand and some duct tape that you could probably fix a broken heart!! It meant so much to have you in Nashville!! I am so proud of you and each of your achievements is a feather in my hat!! I know you do the work but I influenced you to become the great captain that you are about to be!! Then for you to ask me to autograph your guitar- that was a huge high light of my life!! You are a friend and a brother and you probably know me better than anyone!! Thanks so much for your commitment and loyalty, I will always hold you in the highest regard!! Pens up my brother and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  8. It was a great pleasure being able to support my favorite outlaw and meet some intresting people also just can’t wait to do it again with Joe and all the river rats that decided to join not to mention the beautiful ladies that were also there. Joe keep up the good work and I will be beside you at the top of the charts

    • Cowboy, it was a great pleasure having you in attendance for the show at Pick’s!! I was honored by your presents especially knowing that you just got off the boat the day before, drove day & night just to show your commitment to me!! You are one of my young’uns and it meant so much to have you and your lovely wife there!! Of course I should have known that you would throw a curve ball at me and request a song I had not practiced in a year!! But that’s one thing I love about you-there’s never a dull moment when you’re around!! I’ve known you for quite a few years now and you have become a member of my family and we are proud to have you!! I am very proud of the job you have done as well and I’m glad you are at the point of becoming a pilot!! We have been through a heck of a lot together and I know one day soon you’ll be a captain yourself and I know without a doubt that you will be a good captain!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  9. Hey y’all-I was a call in guest on Big Joe’s Big Radio Show on tonight!! I found out that you the fans have set a record!! We hold the record for the most fan comments ever on a Nashville Music Guide article!! I would like to thank y’all for making that happen!! Y’all are really something!!

  10. Capt Joe it was a great article. Glad to see all the hard work and dedicationhas paid off. You are a true inspiration and I’m glad to call you a friend. Working with u has open many doors for me and I hope to see the same for you in return. I wouldn’t be surprised to see you stand up there next to the great Hank Williams jr doing a Joe an Bocephus song together.

    • Thanks for the encouragement you silver tongued rascal!! Of course had you told me a year ago that I would be on the pages of the Nashville Music Guide I never would have believed it!! So who knows where this road may lead-I might very well find myself on that Lost Highway with ‘ole Bocephus!! Might as well dream big!! That’s what songwriters are good at!! Congrats on your recent promotion to the wheelhouse as pilot!! I enjoyed working with you and am glad that I got to show you a trick or two!! You have been a definite asset to my crew and vessel as well as an asset to FMT!! Just keep on a’digging up the river my boy!! See you at the top of the charts!!

  11. Congrates Joe you tried so hard a for so long. It’s great to see things are finally working out for you. Just remember I’m always in your corner if you need anything.
    Your friend and fan

    • Captain Gillis, You will always be special to me, being the first one to make captain that I trained!! When I see your abilities and professionalism I am no more proud than if you were my son!! When you shine, you make me shine!! Keep it in the ditch Blueblood and I’ll see you on the one!!

    • Miss Margie, Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! You and your husband have been great friends with my wife for many years and I just recently got to know y’all over Facebook!! Waylon is a great singer and I know one day his dreams will come true!! I have met some unique and talented people since I started chasing this dream 20 some odd years ago and I am proud that y’all are a part of that!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  12. Hey Capt. After reading all your post. What can I add. I told you to have fun in Nashville. You did. I’m so proud of the name Boat Trash because I’ve been called that and it’s an honor. Makes you remember where your from. Your music is from the heart and honest, that’s what counts. When the M/V Ron Hull gets back in the ditch remember, I always have fresh coffee and a fax that works. Stop by and have a cup. It’s with an open heart full of love. The very best of wishes to you and your family. Have a heck of a ride. Pens up my friend. See you at the top of the charts.

    • Miss Teri, after talking to you via VHF radio for many years I found myself in need of a FAX machine one night so I could send some critical information to Nashville!! Just My Luck I was on a boat and at that time the boat I was on had no FAX capabilities!! We pulled into the fleet and it was Miss Teri to the rescue!! I got a chance to meet the lady that I had heard over channels 16 & 74 for such a long time!! You help me tremendously that night and was such a sweetheart-I could tell right away that you have a genuine love for what you do and all the Boat Trash that you deal with on a daily basis!! Getting to know you over a FAX and coffee was now many years ago as well!! Now we have so much technology including FAX and email right at our finger tips while we are on the boat in the middle of no where!! With that technology at our disposal came these social media networks and a chance to share my songs and ideas in an instant!! What a pleasure it was to stop by the fleet, visit with you and autograph a copy of the December issue of the Nashville Music Guide for you!! The kindness you showed so long ago helped me on another step up to the top of the charts and it was a pleasure to be able to show you the fruits of our labor!! Then I find out you are on Facebook and you have become a very supportive fan as well!! I have a phone that has Facebook on it so I now carry the greatest people in the world around in my pocket!! You my dear are one of those people!! If you have time today in the words of a Hank Jr. song-Would you please FAX me a beer?? Btw-you may find it interesting to know that much of the Son of the Highway video was filmed in your area and the little abandoned boat on the island on that video can almost be seen from your fleet!! Thanks so much for helping this ‘ole songwriter over the years!! Pens up my darlin’ and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  13. dang!!.. i told you we’ll meet there on the top but im running to catch you kent!
    slow down a bit so you can catch a breath or two while i pass you by man!..
    doing a great job on the music! keep it up..! hugs man!

    • Hey my little Greek goddess, We just recently rediscovered each other!! I have no idea how long we have been Facebook friends but I thought it funny when you said hey Joe didn’t know we were friends!! Then come to find out we had a lot in common including the art and craft of song writing!! I know that sharing your wonderful songs with me was special and that you do not share them with everyone!! Thank you for valuing my opinion and direction!! I really like your songs!! They are upbeat, well written and well produced!! Your work has merit and I’ve got my fingers crossed that you find the right path to lead you to the top of the charts!! As you know, I will help you in any way that I can so please do not hesitate to ask!! Pens up sweetheart and I’ll see you at the top if the charts!!

  14. All of y’all please remember to secure your subscription to the Nashville Music Guide!! ‘Ole Jocephus loves the stories in this magazine!! Especially the ones about me!! This magazine is dedicated to giving you the best of country music from artists that are already stars to the up and coming talent that are fighting their way to the top of the charts!! That is what sets NMG a part from the competition-in fact I’ve seen the so called competition and there is no comparison to NMG!! In June my good friend and business partner Curtis Lyn Cook will have an ad and press release in the NMG!! I am excited because that album Just My Luck will be the first published under Boat Trash Publishing!! So you will likely see a lot more of Captain Jocephus in the pages of the Nashville Music Guide in the future!! Don’t miss out, contact them today for a subscription!! As an added bonus-anyone wanting their copy autographed by me can send it to Joe Kent PO Box 1205 Folsom La. 70437. I will autograph it and send it back to you!! See you in the Nashvilleusic Guide!!

  15. Don’t ever stop believin’ -you are definitely on your way and we can say we knew you when.

  16. I’m feeling real special right now to have hand delivered CD’s and a personal concert too by the way and then a free concert from Captain Jocephus. Aolani told me to say hi just about the time I hit submit. You better not ever forget us at the top bro or I’ll have to personally come and whoop your a–. Kidding I know that won’t happen. You are still our Joe.

    • Miss Doris, Your warning has been duly noted-hahaha!! I am doing my best to stay humble focused and on an even keel but it is sometimes hard to do when you’re on cloud nine!! I will however never forget the people who brought me to this place in life!! Tell lil’ Aolani that I said howdy and I’m so glad she’s digging my songs!! You and all the great fans are the only reason I can say I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  17. Joe I have been listening to your CD’s You delivered personally and wanted to let you know I knew you had it in you. Growing up with your mom and then my crazy self says we left a great mark on you with song. The guys you count as heros-Waylon, Willie, Bocephus,Haggard, Cash and the list goes on-are my music era in country. Glad with all this junk they are calling country that it isn’t in your vains little brother. Give me REAL country sweetie. Again I was thrilled to see ya’ll again, and glad you and Denise and DJ had some time to share together. Know ya’ll lost lot of time together. I need to get DJ over here and induct her more to the REAL country. Love love love ya’ll and am loving your music. Aolani is cut from our cloth and she is loving it too!!!!! Hugs and Kisses to you!!

  18. Kevin, my Blueblood bother, you know I learned much of my determination and tenacity from our fearless leader, and CEO of FMT, Dennis Pasentine!! His motto of a Relentless Pursuit was contagious and has rubbed off on many of us in our professional and personal goals!! We have learned from his hands on approach and that motto has become a way life for the people who work for this great company!! You are a FMT Blueblood and you always go the extra mile as well!! Don’t give up on your dreams because you already have the tools to make those dreams come true!! All you have to do is apply your same work ethic to your dreams!! Kevin you have always just been a real cool guy!! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you on a personal level as well as on a professional level!! You have been a great friend and I’m proud that you are part of my Blueblood family!! Thanks so much for all the awesome things you said-they make me want to step it up another notch just so I can prove you right!! Pens up my Blueblood brother and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  19. My Friend and Blueblood Brother from the river boat industry. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments, not only as the best Capt we have in our company but your accomplishments as an accomplished musician. I don’t really guess i knew much or how much you had written until Friday morning i clicked on your link and started listening as I woke up my 2 1/2 year old twins at 5:30 am to get them ready for daycare and me for work. We enjoyed listening to many of the tunes and both children were dancing while Daddy got ready. I am very impressed by the tunes we listened to but i expected no less from my friend that takes everything he does so seriously from training new hires to seasoned new captains on the river. I look forward to more from your music and the time to listen to it as we come from the same era together in the same industry making it easy for me to relate to the music you write and keep my leg a going to the rythm of what my ears hear. God bless you Joe Kent. Relentless pursuit the company motto, is what you are all about. I am honored to write this comment about a fellow so fine and sincere in all you do and know deep in my heart you will be on marguis’ everywhere before too long. This is what you are about and you got there giving it all you got and with Denise by your side. Behind every good man is a good woman. I don’t know much about Denise but i can say she must be one hell of a good woman to bring you where you are today. While the rest of us are dreamers and wishers, you are a doer and I must say you have done it write. Please keep writing and playing and having fun. You are living your dream and very successfully i might add. We are all proud of you.

    Sincerely your Blueblood Brother,

    Kevin W. Flowers

  20. Hello from German, Joe i do like your Music. What a great article. We Nurses over her listen to your great Musi…Conny Go to number 1

    • Miss Conny, thank you so much for visiting with us here at the Nashville Music Guide all the way from Germany!! It is a good thing to know should I find myself in Germany in need of some nursing I know just who to ask!! You are a great friend and fan!! I am glad that I have entertained you!! Pens up my darlin’ and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  21. The Party’s On !!!
    Enjoy the ride,friend.I know where ever this takes you,Capt. Joe will still be the same hardworking guy I meet years ago.
    Sorry I didn’t get to Nashville to see you.But was glad to see you got Big-E in the story.I’m sure there will be other chances to see you on stage.
    See you on the one.
    Your favorite Yankee

    • My favorite Yankee, So sorry I missed partying with you down in Nawlins’ but duty calls!! We’ll get together again soon!! Congrats on your new Captain job and I’m glad I had a hand in helping you train for that position!! It is actually a feather in my hat!! Get it?? Yankee doodle went to town…oh well that was corny!! You have always been a great friend with an awesome sense of humor and a tremendous love for good music!! I appreciate your support and your comments!! If the south would’ve won we would still let you move down here ’cause you are just a redneck at heart!! Pens up my brother and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  22. Lem, You have such a great positive attitude!! I see us being close friends and song writing brothers for many years to come!! You are a Jenius song writer in your own right and I hope somewhere in the future you fit in with me in some capacity and on some level on some project!! You were the first to approach me and ask that I listen to your songs and give you feedback!! I was honored that my opinion matter but was extremely busy when you asked!! Once I got around to listening I was truly honored that you asked because what I heard was some extremely well written, well produced and well delivered honky-tonk music that I really loved!! Post your songs on my wall anytime and I will let the fans know that they had better take a listen to ‘ole Lem or they are gonna miss some really good music!! Thanks for your comment my brother!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  23. Joe, what a great article on such a great and deserving Songwriter. There is such power in what we do; and in the words that we lay down on paper, there is the chance to touch someone and say the things that they cannot. Not everyone has
    ” The Gift “.
    To me there is no greater thing than to be able to lay your heart, soul and feelings on the line and strip bare the emotions for others to see and hear. You are such a success at being able to do just that. I look forward to more good things from you; and to one day be able to sit in the round and pick away at some Jocephus and Lem originals !!!!! Good Luck to you Cap’n; keep on sailin’ !

  24. Folks, I plan on responding to each and every one of y’all but please be patient with me!! Between your comments and all the new activity on the social media networks-the Nashville Music Guide has opened up a dam with a flood of response!! I want to take my time and give you a quality reply deserving of the time you spent commenting on my behalf!! I love and appreciate you all and will reply to you as soon as I possibly can!! In the meantime-Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  25. Captain Joe, It was nice meeting you and your awesome family and friends on your recent trip to Nashville. Enjoyed writing with you and getting to know you. Heres wishing you great success in your new publishing company and songwriting journey.The Party’s On my friend! Hope to see you soon.

    • Tony my friend you are a lengend and a hero and there are not too many of those around!! It was a dream come true to write with you!! I’m glad it was not just all business and that we took sometime to laugh talk and share stories because I found a friend and a brother!! I had never written with anyone before-through most of my song writing journey the only one standing behind me was my shadow!! Sitting down with you to pen a song was at first very difficult for me but your cool laid back disposition was contagious and I quickly found myself at home in my realm on the common ground of song writing!! You have the talent of effecting people that way because of your genuine respect of others!! Meeting and writing with you was the ultimate hi-light of my song writing career and is a memory I will forever cherish!! After our writing session to have you invite me on stage and introduce me was the perfect end to a perfect day that I had dreamed of since I was 7 or 8 years old!! The end result of our time together is a friendship that is extremely strong and a song that is about as bad ass as they come!! We made Louisiana and Nashville proud and our efforts will surely go down in outlaw country history!! Your greatness added a little extra pep to my step and I now walk a bit taller because of it!! Thank you for the time you shared with me!! Pens up my brother and I will see you at the top of the charts!! The Party’s On!!

    • Tony,
      It was an honor meeting you. thank you for everything you have done for daddy. I’m looking forward to hearing your song on the radio.

  26. Congrats Joe, things seem to be going your way and I’m so happy for you. For years you have dreamed to make it big, and you always wondered if all your hard work and dreams would ever come true, well by looking at the second article looks like you are living out your dreams. I’m glad to have you as my closest friend and been able to take this ride with you. Its not only a dream come true for you, but has been a dream come true to me, I feel I realy know a real life country star that knows my name and always will be a part of my life no matter how big he gets. It has been a blessing to have met Joe and Neci Kent and I love them like family. Joe and Neci has always been there for me and my family with great advise and with open arms. Joe has always believed in me and helped me get through some tuff times and went out of his way to make my life easier, and never asked for anything in return, and for that I am grateful. This couldn’t have happened to a better person I have ever met in my whole life, again , congrats to you Joe, I love you guys ,” keep the pen up and see you at the top of the charts!”

    • Tony Kruebbe, my Blueblood brother-if I am truly great then it is only because of great people like you!! I have never seen a young man work so hard toward greatness as you!! Since we’ve known each other we have both built our own legacies and have gathered people around us who love us and respect us because we give nothing but our all and our best to everything we do!! People respect you T ’cause there are no excuses only results!! That was the same attitude you took with making the trip to Nashville from Louisiana in order to be there to support me!! It seemed that everyday there was some stumbling block set out to keep you from going!! You kept telling me that nothing was gonna stop you from being there and sure enough true to your word as always there you were!! To know the things that you overcome to be there meant as much to me as my being there!! You not only feel like family with us you know you are family!! I know that if something needs doing and Tony Kruebbe says it’s gonna be done then you had better not bet against him!! You are determined and dedicated and one of my closest friends!! I will see you at the top of the charts only because you helped me get there!! Pens up my brother!!

      • Thanks Joe! I must say we are just alike in almost every way, we both demand only the best and we don’t take any short cuts to get there. Thanks for the kind words, keep up the great job my friend!

  27. I`m a fan of you, your songs are GREAT !
    Listening to you from Norway ! 🙂
    Good luck to you, my friend 🙂

    • Miss Torhild-I believe you my dear have a birthday coming up here right soon-so let me start out by saying happy birthday!! Next I’d like to say wow-Norway!! It is amazing that we have the technology through social media sites like Facebook to reach around the globe and touch the lives of people in different countries!! I have a phone that contains the whole world and my wonderful family of friends and fans like you!! You also have the power to reach all the way over here and show me and all the folks here that you are a dedicated fan!! I can feel love and warmth from thousands of miles away simply because you have given me some of your time!! I am honored that you have allowed me to entertain you in that time you afford me!! Thanks for sending your love and appreciation over those many miles-we return it to you with all our hearts!! Thank you also for representing Norway here with ‘ole Captain Jocephus and the Nashville Music Guide!! Pens up lady and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

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