Swedish Songwriter Simon Andersson Celebrates His Musical Path With Sophomore Single

Simon Andersson, the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Award winner for “Best Country Song of the Year,” returns to the country scene with his pavement pounding new tune “How Did I Get Here.”  With a song that questions what choices caused him to get so lucky in life, this Sweden based performer will have you tapping floorboards and dashboard drumming to a track destined to steam up the airwaves this summer.  Simon shines on this sophomore U.S. release which traverses from conversational, stylized verses to soaring, harmonic choruses.
Simon honed his craft not just as a songwriter, but also as musician becoming proficient in guitar, drums and piano. After years of enjoying the road in various bands, he decided to embark on a solo career starting in 2011.  While he may be a newcomer to the American country music community, he has clearly developed a home on the Scandinavian music scene. 
“Incredibly well played and groovy. Simon Andersson surprises us with a superb blend of country and rock. Winning ‘Best Country Song of the Year’ in Hollywood in 2013 with his own Mia, feels completely obvious.” – Johnny Månsson , Freelance journalist for a variety of newspapers and radio in Sweden 
“Swedish music in recent years has had great success internationally. But, that of a country artist from Malmö would win the most American of all categories, ‘Best Country Song of the Year,’ is unique. The sound is top notch!”- Olle Berggren, Swedish journalist  
“His songs combine rock and pop with country music and his voice fits wonderfully well with the songs! The melodies appeal to you instantly and remain in your head!” – Aylin Landzettel, Country Music News International
About Simon Andersson
Born and bred in Sweden, a country with great musical traditions, and deriving from an artistic family molded Simon for years into developing into the star-quality he has today. Watching him perform on stage, it’s clear that this is where he feels most at home and in his comfort zone.
He started playing drums at three years old and would later pick up the piano, but realizing that he wanted to be center stage, Simon finally found his calling behind the guitar. After several years traveling with a variety of bands, this Malmo based musician decided to go his own way. Less than two years after launching his solo career in 2011, he walked on a Hollywood stage as the first non-American winner in the country category at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Traveling between Nashville and the Scandinavian Peninsula, Simon would record his award winning song in Music City and is excited about the continued journey ahead as he continues to impact the American music scene.
To stay connect with this international performer, visit www.simonandersson.net or follow him at the following: 
Instagram: Anderssonmusic

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