Taylor Swift Performs 3 Sold-Out Nights at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium

Despite Inclement Weather threats throughout the weekend, the shows went on for Taylor Swift at Nissan Stadium this weekend. While the weather turned out to be amicable for Friday which included the announcement of the release of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” on July 7 and beautiful on Saturday’s shows which included surprise guests onstage; the Sunday show had a 4-hour delay due to weather.

Friday night was the first sold-out night of Taylor’s 3-night performance set in Nashville and the fans were out early and ready for the night to kick off. The fans were dressed across the board in themes from her albums over the years and glitter… lots of glitter and sequins. With a crowd of 70,000 in attendance, if you didn’t come wearing glitter; by the time you left you were.

The lines of fans waiting to get merch, food and use the restrooms prior to the start of her set where insanely long, but the positive vibes and attitudes of all the Swifties was a welcomed reprieve from the usual crowds in attendance at Nissan stadium. Just like their icon Taylor, they were patient, kind and enjoyable to be around.

As for the performance, Taylor Swift, hands down puts on one of the best productions on the touring circuit. She did a three and a half hour non-stop performance; song after song, dance number after dance number, costume change after costume change, without missing a note, beat, step or breath. And she did it with gratitude, genuine passion, and finesse. It goes without saying that being live with her fans is what she lives for.

All of Taylor’s albums have a specific theme and represent her own personal growth throughout her journey as an artist and a person. The Eras Tour was a trip down memory lane not only for the fans, but for Taylor herself. Fifteen year old Taylor and 33 year old Taylor are not the same, yet they are as she has always known what she wants and has worked fervently to maintain her control and independence in her career and life.

Taylor kicked off the Eras with Lover then transitioned in to Fearless, evermore, reputation and then Speak Now, Red – where she also did a live debut performance of “Nothing New” with Phoebe Bridges, folklore, and 1989. Her surprise songs were “Sparks Fly” and “Teardrops on My Guitar.” She closed out the eras with her most recent album release, Midnight.

She flowed through the different eras of her music with seamless transitions that were accompanied by a production of design, lighting and sets that were just perfection. From the screen, camera work, stage props and dancers/musicians to the pyrotechnics, rainbow fireworks, and lighting syncing from stage and LED bracelets in the crowd – everything was on point. It’s even above par when trying to compare to award shows or even Half-time Super Bowl performances.

Saturday night brought the same energy in crowds for another sold out night of 70,000 Swifties. Here surprise set songs Saturday were “Out of the Woods” and “Fifteen.”

Regardless of the delay, Swifties stuck it out and Taylor still delivered a 3 and a half hour set in rain Sunday night that did not finish until 1:30am Monday morning and included the surprises songs “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” where she was joined for a live debut with Aaron Dessner and “Mine.” She truly is the epitome of an artist that puts in the blood, sweat and tears into her artistry and cares about giving her fans what they expect and deserve. During that wait on Sunday evening, fans could be heard singing in unison to their favorite Swift songs and keeping up the positive energy while they waited out the storm.

There are some great venue and places around the world, But nothing is louder than Nashville. There’s something about music that just hits different here. I’ve never heard people scream so loud for one person. Not to mention, the packed Pedestrian Bridge of non-ticket holders who stood there for 3.5 hours just to hear her.

The Eras Tour will definitely be an ERA to remember for the almost 200,00 people that attended one of the concerts here in Nashville.

Story by Amanda Andrews; Photos by Alexandra Arielle

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