The Dallas Moore Band Creates A “Must-Have” CD with “Blessed Be The Bad Ones”

I listen to a lot of music and sometimes it’s hard to tell one artist from another because music on the radio sounds similar. There are a few artists that stand out by making their own sound and doing their own thing. I’ve known Dallas Moore for years and I’ve had the pleasure to see his band do numerous shows. Moore’s band has amazing players and it’s always a good time to see them jam. It’s hard to put the high energy show on a CD. Rarely, an artist is able to capture the raw live emotion on a CD, as Eric Church did with his “Chief” CD. With his latest SOL Records release “Blessed Be The Bad Ones,” the Dallas Moore Band has done the same thing.

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Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks the “Blessed Be The Bad Ones” CD is one of those rare musical gems that should be applauded and shouted from the highest mountaintop. California Country has listed “Blessed Be The Bad Ones” as one of the top country albums of 2013 in their Midway Report, which takes in account all albums released between January and June. This listing is awesome all by itself, but it puts the Dallas Moore Band along other acts such as Alan Jackson, Pistol Annies, and Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell. A well-deserved honor if you ask me.

In fact, I am going to review this CD in a way I rarely do – a track-by-track review. Why? This CD is so good that it simply would not do it justice to write a review of the entire album and mention just a few songs because every single song on this CD is noteworthy.


  1. Blessed Be The Bad Ones – This song was a great choice to start off this record. It could be considered a theme song for his core audience. The guitar solos on this song are just amazing and the drums really make the song make you want to get up and move, or take a long ride on a Harley. There is a great video for this song, which is currently at #1 on Yallwire’s Yallturnative Chart. To watch the video, go to


2. Somethin’ Changed – I could hear influence of Waylon Jennings in this song. Dallas sings, “You lost the fire you once had burning for me/ And now there’s only ashes where there once burned a flame/ I don’t know what happened/ All I know is somethin’ changed.” This song offers a different angle than many of the relationships that are on the radio today. That’s one of the reason I like it. Dallas has given us music that is real and unapologetic, something his fans have come to expect from him over the years.


3. Where You Gonna Be When I’m Gone – This is a great song with a chorus that just stays with you. It’s a great pairing with Somethin’ Changed. It feels like a natural progression between the two songs. They are different, but they have similar themes.


4. Slippin’ and Slidin’ – This song has it all. It has great lyrics that are a blast to sing along, whether you are listening alone or with a crowd. This song shows off Dallas’ vocal talent and shows why he is such a popular talent. His band deserves a lot of credit on this one. Although it’s a brilliantly written fun song, it wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the great playing. It truly makes you feel like you are at a live show. This is the only song on the CD that Dallas didn’t write himself. He co-wrote this song with his drummer, Rocky Parnell.


5. Texas Tornado – When listening to this song, I really feel like I am listening to Dallas tell stories about he shows. If you are his friend on Facebook, you know how much he loves to travel and play his music across the country. This emotion really shines through on this song. I love the fact that the song pays homage to some out outlaw country’s greatest – David Allan Coe and Steve Earle. I am confident these legends would be proud Dallas chose to include them in his song.


6. Condemned Behind The Wall – I love Johnny Cash’s “At Folsom Prison” album. This song sounds like something Johnny Cash would have performed. I really like this song because it’s real. It also reminds me a bit of the movie “Monster,” the story of the accused serial killer Ailleen Wuornos. It makes the wrongdoers seem human and I felt sympathy for each story Dallas told in the verses.


7. Dirty Rotten Filthy – Coming right after “Condemned Behind The Wall,” this song shows how diverse of an artist Dallas Moore really has become. This is another fun song, completely different in every way from the song that came before it. While “Condemned Behind The Wall” is a darker song, this is a light, fun up-tempo rocker that makes you want to feel like dancing.


8. Carolina Sunshine – This song is more of a ballad and I simply love the tune and the message. I also love that it pays homage to a number of the states in this wonderful country in which we live.


9. All Of Those Good Times (2013) – This is another song that sounds like Dallas is telling the stories of his younger days. As he remembers past good times, these memories are sure to strike a familiar chord with his listeners.


10. Crazy Again – This was the first single off the record. It was a much-requested song on Sirius Radio, as well as the Yallwire’s Country Video chart. It’s easy to see why. It has the combination of great lyrics, strong vocals and great music. This song also shows that Dallas knows his fans well and gives them the kind of songs they want. This has quickly become a fan favorite.


11. The Ballad of Sweet Marie (2013) – This is another song that is a little darker.This is actually one of my favorite songs on this CD. It is full of so much emotion. It’s a ballad and I found myself hanging on every word, waning to know what happened next. It shows Dallas as a supreme storyteller.


12. Last Man Standin’ – This song was a great choice to end the CD. It’s an uptempo-rocker. Like the first song, it is sure to be a theme song of sorts for the core audience of the Dallas Moore Band.


Overall, this is a great CD that you can listen through and not hear a bad song. Although the Dallas Moore Band is clearly influenced by outlaw country and Southern rock, there’s something on this CD for everyone.

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