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The one thing The Gherm Guys love to do is venture out into new and exciting territory, far from the comforts of Nashville. One of the many perks of being a Gherm Guy is that we get invited on all sorts of events, one of which recently was the Country Goes Huntin’ Annual Benefit down in Georgia and Alabama. Go to for more info. Country Goes Huntin’ is the brainchild of long time buddies Sam Clement and Rhett Akins where Pro Hunters and Singers/Celebrities get together for those less fortunate. We literally got back a day ago and as we are writing this right now, we still feel that vacation “freshness” from you get from a good trip.


We met up at Bobby Pinson’s house, loaded our belongings, threw Preston Brust with The Locash Cowboys in the back seat and headed on our way. Highlight of the trip: we saw a huge metallic cock, did a quick U-turn and Ghermed it! Incredible. We arrived later in the day and went to the 1st Annual Toad Lick Festival, then on to a local honky tonk called Cowboys where 20 Yeager shots mysteriously showed up on the bar and then thinssm, mkjg,m klllljjj lllls….sjkjkj eljkkmnsms……jfka dkfd…….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………….


**TOO HUNGOVER** – No wait! Kidding! Ha ha! Woke up—well, ok, mildly hungover—and went Quail hunting. The Gherm Guys didn’t partake in the shootin’…we love to GHERM, so we got some really great footage of the action. Quail hunting is more of a male bonding experience, and also, watching the dogs in action was really spectacular. When they catch a scent, the dogs stop, stick their tails straight up, and point with their bodies where the target is. The primary thing to remember is to not hit a dog because after it’s all said and done, we learned it takes about $5000 to properly train a hunting dog. Once we got back, I took a nap, hung out for a while, then went to Toad Lick again, then Cowboy’s again…


**REALLY HUNGOVER** Saturday was a lot milder than Friday — most of the hunters had left at 4 a.m. And Hank couldn’t get up that early — I slept in, ate some great southern cookin’ prepared by the Shann Mann Company, and hung out all day. Total relaxation, no Gherm shirt on. Occasionally I’d see Gary Morris, Rhett Akins, John Stone, or Andy Griggs walk by — it didn’t matter. If a celebrity is walking around inches from us in the open, no Ghermin’ will happen. It’s just the way it is. Ghermin’ happens when we say it’s gonna happen. That’s how we operate. We are masters at the art of perfect timing. Saturday night: Toadlick and Dierks Bentley! Loved Dierks’ show. Ryan “Flash” Silver with DBTV walked right by us and had no idea…Ha!


** MILDLY HUNGOVER** Sunday was special. We caught a ride with our friends Bush Hawg in their Ford F-650 Tour Bus. Go to to check them out. Craig Hand gave me an awesome cigar to smoke and they let me use their pisser more often than once. On the main stage at the fairgrounds, it was very inspiring seeing Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins and Bobby Pinson sing all their hits. Good men.


We made it back to Bobby’s around 6 p.m. We arrived, opened the back of the SUV, took a look at all our stuff, then the rocking chairs on the porch, then back to our stuff. We opted for the rocking chairs so that’s where we spent the rest of the evening, listening to the wind blow and owls hooting off in the distance.

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