The Gherm Guys December 2011

Hank on CMA Red Carpet


To All My GHERMAHOLICS—The Latest In All The GHERM Happenings…

And that’s a WRAP! CMA Week—crazy times!

First & foremost, The Gherm Guys would like to give out a huge thank you to Randy and Joe Matthews for making this page possible, and especially for lending us the Nashville Music Guide LIMO in support of the Gherm Guys’ 2011 CMA Awards Red Carpet Season 1 Finale GHERM Op. BIG Thanks as well to Willie for donating his driving abilities to the cause.

DID the GHERM Guys make it to the Red Carpet? To find out, go to and watch our Season 1 Finale. (HINT: Don’t stop at the credits, keep watching to the end.)

Darn it—where do I begin? So many GHERMIN’ things poppin’ up. NEW WEBSITE is up!! Go to and check it out. It’s constantly being updated so check back often.

We also have new recruits! I’d like to Welcome T-Bone, Mort Katz, and Sancho to the Team. Awesome guys—I’ve known them for quite some time.  Their personalities fit so well.



CRAIG MORITZ – The Gherm Guys we’re able to participate in Craig’s “Stage 5 Clinger” music video and it was honor to feed Craig some cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory during his recent visit.

LUCY ANGEL – Amazing ladies. T-Bone and I hung out with them at the CMA Live Radio Remotes at The Tracking Room. We can’t wait to get to know them better and to cruise Nashville in their limo—and that reminds me about our new DEEP GHERM Series coming out on YouTube. A DEEP GHERM is when The Gherm Guys hang out with an artist (from any genre) and live the life of that artist. We find out what makes them tick, what they like to do for fun, learn of the latest news before the industry does. Check out the DEEP GHERM of Johnny Bennett on YouTube.

RANDY ROGERS – We were hanging with Australian trio The McClymonts at Rebar one night when Randy Rogers walked up to us, sat down and said, “I dunno whether to take you seriously or not!” Bless his heart. WAIT…was he GHERMIN’ us?? GHERM Physics: GHERMIN’ is addictive and VERY circular. We GHERM them, they start GHERMIN us. Shoot, we can barely walk the streets of Nashville now without being pulled aside for a picture or autograph.



As human beings, even though we’re Professional GHERMs, we’re not perfect. We GHERM a lot of people and sometimes we have NO IDEA WHO we’re GHERMIN’, so we need your help.

The bottom pic on the right is a gentleman who we met at Roberts Western World a while back. WHO is he?? We’ve got no idea.  If you know his name, make a comment on our Facebook page and we’ll give you 500 GHERM points, redeemable for GHERM Merch (once we get GHERM merch, that is…)


That’s all for now!!! Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support. If you’re a celebrity reading this, THANK YOU for what you do. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business…



CEO-G The Gherm Guys





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