Tom Proctor Launches “Working Man” Grassroots Kickstarter Campaign To Promote New Album

Actor turned country music sensation Tom Proctor has just launched his grassroots kickstarter campaign to promote the new Tom Proctor and the A-Listers album “Working Man” on a cross-country roundtrip motorcyle backyard barbecue

Tom Proctor is no stranger to the entertainment industry, as he is an accomplished actor/producer and stunt coordinator in the tv/film world. He can be seen in the Academy Award winning film “Twelve Years A Slave,” the blockbuster Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy,” in the hit television shows “Justified” and “Nashville” and many other great appearances on the big and small screen.

The A-Listers are a group of seasoned, talented musicians who have worked with the biggest names in the history of music, and have collectively worked with Tim McGraw, George Strait, Luke Combs, Zakk Wylde, Travis Tritt, Martina McBride, Tanya Tucker, Florida Georgia Line, and many, many more. Tom Proctor and the A-Listers are getting ready to take the Country Music world by storm.

The A-Listers:

Billy “Thunder” Mason

Geoff Butterworth

Mark Corradetti

Mark Thomas

Tom Proctor and the A-listers recorded, mixed and mastered their new single “In Hollywood” at Dark Horse Recording. Dark Horse Recording is a 4-studio complex set on a multi-acre plot of scenic farmland, based just outside of Nashville. They have hosted such names as Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Alison Krauss, Reliant K, Bela Fleck, Korn and many more.

In his own words, Tom Proctor talks about this incredible new venture:

“I am going to pack up my Harley with a small PA and my guitar and take my music on the road across America. I will be playing in backyard barbecues connecting with friends I’ve never met before and making new ones. This is called the “Working Man Tour.” I’ve already been invited to some places across the top part of the US. My plan is to come back across the bottom half of the US by going to Atlanta, Arkansas, Texas and such. If you have a place to hold a barbecue with ten or more friends and you can put on the burgers, I will bring the music. You can be part of the reality show that will be filming. To get on our map go to Tom Proctor and the A-listers Facebook page and send us a message, tell us who you are and why you want a barbecue at your place.

Risks and challenges
The biggest risk and challenge we have is that we may not raise the additional $10,000 needed to be followed by a camera crew. In which case, Tom will put GoPros and handhelds on the bike and go do it anyway.

Since Tom Proctor will be riding his Harley in a huge circle that goes from California to New York across the upper states and from New York to California across the lower states, our obstacles and challenges can be anything from weather to mechanical breakdowns and fatigue. All of which make for good reality tv.

Toms Harley is a 2004 fatboy custom that has a brand new, from the crate Harley motor and new tires and Bartel’s Harley Davidson has sponsored him by providing a custom sissy bar to carry his guitar and amplifier. They are also providing a BBQ for the release party in Marina Del Rey on June 24th.

Videos will be released as a web series on YouTube with the hopes that it will be picked up as a reality tv show. There is, in our opinion, a slight risk that it may not be picked up as a reality show, but with Tom Proctors fan base we feel that at the very least this is an amazing grass roots promotional campaign for Tom Proctor and Tom Proctor and the A-Listers.

Donate to the Tom Proctor “Working Man” kickstarter campaign here:

Every little bit helps…..

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