Americana Artist Todd Warner Moore Releases “Spark” to Excellent Reviews

“Spark” is, both lyrically and musically, a celebration of the canon of magnificent music and sublime songwriting I have heard over the years. I have painstakingly sculpted these songs with exceptionally talented and intuitive musicians, creating an album that follows its own self-contained universe of tales, confessional tones, and ebullience. I feel that it is the album I have always been striving to create.” ~ Todd Warner Moore~

A native of Kansas City, Kansas Todd, over the years, has written a hugely diverse prospectus of music. This newest collection is filled with beautiful variance of song and lyric. You’ll find Classical, Jazz, Gypsy music, a hearty fill of folk, easy rock, and one of my favorites Americana greats.

During the 90’s Moore co-wrote a wonderful collection of songs while traveling with the group Acoustic Juice through out the US/Midwest. The group performed in college towns delivering high energy shows and claiming tons of new fans.

After college as he was moving on with his career he performed in Budapest, Hungary. His solo melodies flowed through the exotic tea houses and as they did so his outsider band, Tea Thieves awakened.

Throughout the next few years this energetic group would give life to three albums and before leaving Hungary, the album “Long Days” was born. Moore traveled to Lamma Island in Hong Kong where he lived for almost eight years performing at small pubs and festivals.

This album, “Spark”, is his second full-length album for 2018. I think your gonna love it.

He reminds me so much of Jimmy Buffett in many ways, and everyone loves Jimmy. “Noodles” has that Buffett feel. It’s bright, inviting and full of energy.

Along with a tropical feel of Buffet I can hear a light whisper of Dylan in the mix. Moore’s vocals are unique to him as he has his own special polished sound. Some have said they hear a hint of Celtic folk, some say they hear a little Lennon in his voice. What ever you may find for yourself in the mix it’s sure to be an enjoyable delight with strings, solid percussion and tiny glimmers of exotic 60’s psychedelic.

“Todd Warner Moore is a singer and songwriter with a passion for warm acoustic melodies. His songs are filled with earnest lyrics and honest storytelling, echoing some of the masters of the craft. From Bob Dylan to Elliott Smith, to Ryan Adams and The Tallest Man On Earth. What really stands out about Todd’s music is certainly its remarkable simplicity. Todd is really all about exploring back-to-basics solutions, keeping his music pure and spontaneous”The Bandcamp Diaries

Track List:
1. Prologue
2. Spark
3. Gift
4. Noodles
5. Do You Really Know?
6. Drift Awake
7. Mess
8. Gem
9. In the Water
10. Right Inside This Room
11. Crashing Down
12. Already There
13. Bird’s Eye View
14. Epilogue
15. The Lens (Bonus Track) [with Tea Thieves, Live from a Garden in Wales]

Musicians performing on this collection are Todd Warner Moore on vocals acoustic guitar and, electric guitar. There is Leah Hart and Michael Kentish on backing vocals, Jamie Howell on electric guitar, Roberto Diana comes in on dobro and steel guitar. We then have William Stewart on violin and viola. Daniel Gonzalez on cello, Davide Severi on piano and Issar Shulman on double bass, and rounding out this wonderful group of musicians is Larry Salzman on percussion.

Warner presents to us in the styles or genres of Folk, Americana, Eclectic Indie, and soft rock.
Todd has been thought to express the essence of artists such as Van Morrison, M. Ward, Andrew Bird, and Bob Dylan.

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