Anne-Simone Releases “Digitize Me”

BitterSweet CD CoverAnne-Simone will “Digitize” you with her new EP “Bitter Sweet”. Using creative visual technology she has created a masterpiece.

Using a matrix printer as a focal point and the components of a computer board the lead single “Digitize Me” will take you on a journey through “a matrix of lyrics and computer components”.

You can use your creative visualization to create a world of fantasy or create a world futuristic of your own reality. The video is out of this world. It’s like a new wave 80’s pop, dance party.

Her new album “Bitter Sweet” is available to stream at the private media link here: [5]

Anne-Simone is a singer/songwriter who’s keyboard excellence provides her fans with a futuristic form of indie and electro pop that offers an uplifting of the imagination and clarity. Anne released her debut album “Bittersweet” on January 11th of 2014.

She has a broad range of inspiration in her music from today’s contemporary hit’s to the classical greats.

Here’s a short summary from Anne-Simone herself that describe her and how she see’s life.

“I am a citizen of the world.
I tread gently on this earth.
My glass is always half full.
I celebrate differences.
I believe music soothes the soul.
I aspire to be the change I want to see.”

~ Anne-Simone~

“Digitize Me” the lead single from her debut album is intricately about a how we as humans relate to a computer program and when Anne-Simone isn’t creating eclectic music she’s creating dynamic computer software.

Anne-Simone courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Anne-Simone courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

In this one of a kind creation Anne -Simone has out done what others have been trying to for years. With this album you can take that virtual trip through the Milky Way and never leave home.

The songs on this album expand on various facets of love; emotional pain, puppy love heartbreak, vulnerable love. Most would say an album this compact with songs of various stages of love would be sappy and mushy but Anne-Simone delivers it with a twist. A digital twist. The music uses the inflection of tones, melodies, and lyrics to grab your attention.

Anne-Simone courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Anne-Simone courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

A fantastic addition to the electro-pop genre there is something to offer for everyone.  “Gone So Long”begins with somewhat of a darkness. It then works it’s way through Excellent vocals and tone.

The tone of the album picks up again somewhat as you enjoy “Bittersweet”….I love the piano. Exceptional and clear. Lyrics are addicting and easy to sing along.

Making her home in Seattle Washington Anne-Simone has created a specialty album that fits well in various genres such as digital pop, electronic pop, and psychedelic pop. She has infused the musical keyboard with the technological computer keyboard and created a digitized masterpiece. Check out Anne-Simone at the following:

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