Another Great Collection ‘Echo of Sounds” by Happy Freuds Inspired by Popular Genre’s of 70’s Rock

Swedish brothers Teo and Victor Holmstrom, at the early ages of 17 and 14, formed the band “Happy Freuds” with other band members Jack Hunter, and Sergio Canadas. Since 2016 between their school work, University work they have performed more than 50 full-length concerts and festivals.

Happy Freuds is a unique and eclectic mix with their style and the type of music they create. Their setlist includes a tasty arrangement of originals, with classy rearrangements of several other talented classic rock artists, and all with a high energy, dynamic and authentic presentation.

“The first album of the band is a pure auditory and emotional experience, making us pass from a limitless playfulness to the greatest nostalgia. Thank you Happy Freuds to exist and prove that rock is not dead! We can not wait for the band to come to France to perform live! – LostSong.Fr” (French ezine)

The group has what’s known as a “one-take” groove and they use it perfectly. Their song “Push” has a super cool groove and I must say, as the wife of a bass player, I’m all about that bass and this one is one of the best I’ve heard recently, great bass lines.

“The Happy Freuds are not afraid to break conventions. Difficult to categorize – a good thing – they frequently resort to spoken word vocals is something which is unusual in an album from less confident musicians. The diversity of styles takes some getting used to at first, but after repeated listens it slowly seems to fit together. The album was recorded with a minimum of overdubs and this one should convince the listener that this band knows what it is doing.”– Music Emissions review

I really felt into the guitar riffs on the psych/rock feel of “The Mountain.” It’s solid 70’s inspiration and edgy vocals near the end set it apart from the others very nicely.

“This release is quite strong. It’s overall based in a riff-driven hard rocking sound. It has as much in common with the blues-rock of the 1970s as it does with more modern elements, but there is also an alternative rock edge to this. There are also moments that call to mind punk rock. It has folk-rock in the mix at times, too. All in all, this is a dynamic set that works well from start to finish. While the sound is familiar, it’s also fresh and unique. ” – Music Street Journal review

The final track on this album is “Rocking & Stumbling” and it sounds like a massive group jam with legends like The Who, Molly Hatchet, one of my all-time favorites and dear friends, and, a little Rush, making this one by far one of the rowdiest and liveliest of the mix. Big favorite.

Super solid accolades for this artist show the true caliber of professional and personal talents. They have been featured artists 7 times on ReverbNation. Featured once in Allman’s Big Feet – sent out via Relix Magazine as editors choice to 100.000 mag buyers and 300.000+ newsletter subscribers. The group has garnered exceptional Airtime on more than 20 UK radio stations during the fall of 2018 (Song-X). Happy Freuds were also the “Artist of the week: on The indie show/Bishop FM (UK) and Editors choice, twice on the Jango Radio stations worldwide.

” Fantastic instrumental that left me speechless. I mean, good heavens – it blew me away! What else can I say about this young band? One word – listen. In my view, there was not a single song on Echo of Sounds that felt like it was just a filler song, just meant to take up space. Every song was strong, well-rehearsed,” – Divide & Conquer review.

This group places nicely in the Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Folk Rock categories and are likened to artists Mumford & Sons, Rush, Pearl Jam, GooGoo Dolls, Luke Bloom, and the Atlanta Rhythm Section.

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