Seattle Washington Classic Radio Rockers the Sundogs Release “Legends In Their Own Minds”

Career musicians, artists who have made the music industry their life perform with the greatest passion. They love what they do and they take pride in being part of the art of music. This classic rock duo from Seattle will rock your socks off with this latest collection.

It will take you back to your own music roots from when you first heard Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon and so many more. The mix is super solid and the sound is jumping.

Fallen Hero” is like taking a ride on a supercharged train right back to my teenage years. I love that the album is also a video album. It’s full of not only some of the best instrumentation but the visual presentation puts you right in the mix.

I loved the intro to “Snowman” it is awesome. The guitar is hot and the light-stepping of the percussion section and the harmonies rocks it out. Once again the visual in the video is grooving.

Johnny” opens with a rocking guitar riff and solid drums partnership. The groove, the beat, the feel is all feel good stuff. It makes you rock and dance and keeps you moving. It stands strong both in musical presentation and visual.

Using green screens the duo shot the video’s during recording sessions, so, you’re seeing authentic performances and 90% of what your seeing is what you hear. Snow and Moffitt approach their own styles of music from various angles which lends something true and authentic to the mix, the sound, and who they are as a duo.

It’s almost as if your getting two for the price of one, two albums and double the fun. You get a smooth mix of jazz seasoned with hint of rock amalgamation.

Stan Snow’s influences are legends, artists like Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, Chuck Berry, Eric Claption and BB King, just to name a few. Jed Moffitt’s nimble fingers across the keyboard share his love of artists such as Bruce Hornsby, Keith Jarrett, Lye Mays, Herbie Hancock, and Chick Corea.

There’s no mistaking these two have the fever to create true blue, pure joy, for the love of music.

Artist Quote:

“Sundogs music is inspired by the days of Classic Rock and Jazz Fusion. It is written to satisfy the music fan within. If it sounds good to us, and we like listening to it over and over again, then that is the driving force behind whatever we decide to release. We are doing it for the pure joy of it, and because of that, the music and the videos are authentic.”

This album was produced by Stan Snow and released on March 5th, 2019. Musicians in the superstar duo are Stan Snow, on production, vocals, and guitars, and Jed Moffitt, songwriter, vocals, and keyboards. Seasoned studio musicians worked on the recordings and videos. Sundogs place nicely in the classic rock, jazz fusion, genre’s and have likened to artists such as Steely Dan, Rolling Stones, Pete Townsend, Paul Simon, Mark Knopfler, and Tom Petty.

For me the album is a step back in time to the greats and it brings back those good feel vibes of when music was “real” and takes a step forward by giving you a visual along with the melody that excites the true music fan inside. In summation of the texture and the feel it’s coming together of 70’/80’s pop rock, jazz and seasoning of blues on a runaway train easy rock.

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