Aries Marquis Wakes Up the Airwaves With An Album Of Deep Personal Inspiration, Introducing “Salvation: The Arrival”

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

I’d like to introduce you to Aries Marquis and his amazing new album with some of the most inspirational songs I’ve heard in years. This young man has definitely hit the mark on pulling forth true and passionate, spiritual, inspirational tones that tug at the heart and cause us to pause and think.

This is a collection of inspirational songs, uplifting songs, songs that make you stop and listen, make you stop and feel the music, feel the love, feel the passion….cause you to believe.

Marquis began his album trilogy called “Salvation” with a plan to share his life story in music. His debut album was “Imperfections” and it’s reception was phenomenal. Now he presents us with “Salvation: The Arrival” and it’s again… an amazing work of art.

“The contrast between “perfection” versus “imperfection” appears to be underlying theme in the album “Imperfections” by Aries Marquis. It’s a celebration of the fantastic juxtaposed with the flaws of life that provides the spice and flavor which makes this world the kind of place it is, and that an artist such as Marquis savors and craves” ~Hot Indie News, Aries Marquis “Imperfections”-Album Review (Jun 12, 2015) ~

Ready To Fly” took me to the outer limits of feeling that I can truly fly. The powerful inspiration within the song, the lyrics and his vocals uplifted my spirit and made me feel fresh and alive. I love it. Please enjoy the track for “Ready to Fly”……..

“The point at which neo-soul meets old school is the place where Aries Marquis’ “Imperfections” begins. At times slick and polished, while at other times a bit rough and edgy, it’s aimed to please the lovers of R&B and the hip-hop crowd. All in all it’s downright romantic, and as this girl will tell you, the ladies love romance.” ~Sputnik Music, Aries Marquis-Imperfections (Jun 23, 2015) ~

Better Days” opens with a warm and inviting piano introduction. It expresses how we rush through the days with all the chaos of a daily life. No time to slow down but tells us that there will surely be better days. No truer words can tell how much we loose so much of ourselves with work, bills, never really sleeping because we can never slow down. It inspires us to never give up and know that there will be “Better Days”………

“Aries is no slouch at the mic, as he aptly demonstrates on songs like “Perfect World” and “Love Me for Me”, you have a winning combination that not only grabs ears, but also sells records” ~ Urban Music News Network, Imperfections by Aries Marquis (Jun 18, 2015) ~

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Portrait” is another one of my favorites. It’s expressing how we all need to share that real picture of who we are. We have all at one time or another felt the same thing, dealt with the same emotions, pain, heartache, and struggles. Just because we look one way on the outside doesn’t mean we are not the same on the inside. We have all overcome much in this life and supporting each other is key to understanding that we all walk a similar path. I love it.

“Louisianian singer-songwriter Aries Marquis creates music with a soul” ~The Knix Mix, Q&A with Aries Marquis (Jul 19, 2015) ~

Aries Marquis is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and presents to us in the style of Pop, Soul, R&B, and/or Hip-Hop. He has said to be similar to artists such as Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Boyz II Men, and Eric Benet. We think he is “one of a kind” and a uniquely talented artist.

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