Michael Bruner Inspires With His Latest Single “Don’t Mean Broken”

What an amazing artist, Michael Bruner, his got the knack and the know how to produce a lyrical and instrumental collection that resonates with so many people. This collection is a winner.

Bruner is an American singer/songwriter, producer, and musician based in Bloomington, Indiana. His gift of putting visual emotions to paper and creating such an outstanding piece of work sets him in motion as an artist to watch for 2019.

His musical influences range from progressive rock to pop and R&B. Artists like Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer, just to name a few lend to his expressive ability of putting pen to paper. This collection was recorded in 2018 by Rodrigo Cotelo of Frankfort Indiana at Instru Dash Mental Studios.

I love the line, “Alone don’t mean broken, you’ve got too much going”….it’s true. Sometimes being alone for just a short amount of time gives us the opportunity to regroup. Here’s the video for your pleasure.

The single speaks about how sometimes we get lost in the world of co-dependence and how we may end up feeling alone and in unhealthy relationships. I thought the acoustic guitar added depth to easy flow of the song and I enjoyed the sound of his voice. He has a unique inflection to his voice that is different and exclusively his own.

This song presents with a warm reggae beat and a slight pop essence but continues with a few surprise twists that actually work. His soulful dialect and rhythmic guitar make for a superb choice on this new single.

Bruner parted ways with a dear friend in a broken relationship and this song was inspired by the breakup of this friendship. The heartfelt message is not sorrowful or depressing but uplifting and upbeat, inspiring hope to others in similar situations.

Michael released his debut album at the young age of 18, called “Transmit.” It has been described as “short and sugary”, by Divide and Conquer Music. I thought the song was smooth, excellently mixed and presented who Bruner is as an artist. Michael Bruner delivers again and it’s right on target. His vocals were then and are now ripe and appealing.

Shortly after releasing his debut EP Michael built he own professional home studio, where he developed his professional recording enterprise. Recently, in 2018, his unreleased, original song, “Midst of a Mistake” found recognition in a Pop/Top 40 genre Nashville based International Songwriting Competition. Judges included artists Tom Waits, Sarah Watkins, Bastille, and Adam Lambert of American Idol fame.

Bruner has collaborated and worked with several other emerging new artists and producers like Ella Poletti, Kacie Swierk, Jack Glover, and Rodrigo Cotelo.

“Don’t Mean Broken” is available on all streaming platforms. Please visit the links below to enjoy the single and also follow Michael on social media for all the latest and upcoming new music projects.

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“When I lost contact with a dear friend, I wrote this song as a message to her, in the hope that she would find strength from within. “Don’t Mean Broken” speaks to those who may lose direction in the co-dependence of others. It was brought to light as a collaborative effort between me and independent record label Instru Dash Mental in the summer of 2018. The recording sessions took place in Instru Dash Mental studios in Frankfort, IN, and my own Music Box Studios in Bloomington, IN.” ~Michael Bruner~

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