CD Review: Electric Shepherd, “Electric Shepherd”

This trio of rockers is leading the way with their awesome album that has the distinctive San Francisco psychedelic sound. Bringing back musical compositions, similar to the legendary jam bands, like Big Brother and The Holding Company, Jefferson Airplane and The Doors that have jam sessions on some tracks that last up to ten minutes. They may seem long but they have such a good groove you can’t quit listening; some may refer to it as “Trance-Rock”. Tommy Anderson locks in tight, steady bass lines that are right in sync with hellacious drumming by Sonny Pearce. Pearce was selected as an “Amoeba Homegrown Artist of the Month” in January 2011 by the San Francisco/Berkeley-based record store. Mark Nelsen with his hypnotizing vocals and guitar riffs completes this electrifying band. Great compilations of killer music and if you’re a rocker, you’ll love this band.

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Rating: 6 Stars

             6 Stars


  1. Wow, real music for once. It’s so refreshing to here original stylings from passionate youngsters. Check ’em out if you can!

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